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CieAura in the Houston Chrom
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CieAura in the Houston Chrom

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"Chron writer Moises Mendoza has an excellent article on the Houston Chron about CieAura and ex-Rockets coach Tomjanovich pitching the CieAura sticker, and about critics voicing their opinion that the sticker is 'nonsense'.

An excerpt:

...Supporters CieAura has its own experts, including at least three Houston-area physicians and a slew of chiropractors, who say people with serious injuries and illnesses have seen their pain disappear — the testimonials are outlined in audio recordings on the company's Web site.

“I see a lot of degenerative illness. A lot of osteoarthritis and hip problems, knee problems, shoulder problems and tendonitis, those sorts of things,” said Pasadena family physician Dr. Milton “Bo” Kirkwood, in one audio recording. “I see very good results. We see results that are better than any of the prescription anti-inflammatory pills that we use. And I'm not exaggerating that number...

...Placebo effect An expert the Chronicle showed CieAura's products to reacted with skepticism to the claims, saying the chips appeared to be nothing more than stickers.

“What do I think of them? I think they're worthless,” said Dr. John Rodgers, a professor in Baylor College of Medicine's immunology department, who attributed positive testimonials to a placebo effect. “I think they're a gimmick, a product for a company to sell.”

Dr. Stephen Barrett, who runs, a Web site debunking questionable health-related claims, called the chips “total nonsense.”

And Coker, who teaches a course called “Pseudoscience,” said, “They're selling just a sticker that you buy anywhere.”

In a written statement, FDA spokesman Tom Gasparoli wrote: “I do not know, at this time, if this product has come to our attention yet or whether we have received complaints. The agency is looking into it...

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Link: CieAura in the Houston Chrom


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