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BurnLounge Founder Rob DeBoer Launches cPrime
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BurnLounge Founder Rob DeBoer Launches cPrime

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"According to, former Burnlounge founder Rob DeBoer is now launching a new venture called cPrime which markets magnetic wristbands to athletes, claiming they will help them perform better athletically...

From “Three years after he was implicated in the BurnLounge pyramid scam (a racket that was busted up by the Federal Trade Commission), former University of South Carolina running back Rob DeBoer is at it again – this time hawking “magic” magnetic bracelets that ostensibly provide whoever wears them with enhanced power, flexibility and balance.

Called “cPRIME” bracelets, these magnetic wristbands are being marketed to young athletes under the premise that they will help them excel in their athletic endeavors. They’re also being marketed to parents as a way to make money during these difficult economic times.”

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Link: BurnLounge Founder Rob DeBoer Launches cPrime


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