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Tahitian Noni Receives Award for Best Marketing Strategy
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Tahitian Noni Receives Award for Best Marketing Strategy

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"PROVO, Utah, Nov. 3, 2011 -- Recently, Tahitian Noni International (TNI) received the Obtainer Worldwide Direct Selling Award for Best PR / Marketing Strategy from the Obtainer Media Group. After considering Tahitian Noni's impressive 15-year history and its current focus on science and bioactives, the Obtainer Media Group said, "Therefore it is only logical that this year's Obtainer Worldwide Direct Selling Award in the category of 'Best PR / Marketing Strategy' goes to TNI.

"The marketing of noni juice by Tahitian Noni International can absolutely be regarded as a revolution in the food industry," Obtainer wrote. "Success naturally attracts imitators...however; the major advantage of TNI over its competitors has always been their scientific research. Today, the focus of TNI lies in the bioactivity (or biological activity) of their products. By definition, bioactivity is the effectiveness of biological ingredients on living tissue. As an example, the enormous potential of bioactive substances is made clear in the TNI Defy, Age Intervention System, which can produce incredible, immediate, and perceptible results."

"Tahitian Noni International consistently pursues this principle of bioactivity–even in the field of weight management. In January 2011, TNI launched a holistic weight management program called the FIT Body Composition System. Through its new focus, TNI is again playing a pioneering role within the industry, which is reflected in the refined and professional marketing of the company's exclusive and highly effective products."

In regards to Tahitian Noni's 15th anniversary OBTAINER said it "marks a milestone, not only for the company itself, but also for the very fast moving direct sales industry.""

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