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XOWii enters partnership with EvolvHealth
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XOWii enters partnership with EvolvHealth

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"(openPR) - Up to now there have just been rumors, but now it´s official: XOWii is joining the Evolv family. Both companies were founded 16 days apart in the Fall of 2009 and have been able to establish themselves in the network marketing industry during this short period. In 2010 XOWii was one of the fastest growing MLM companies and was counted among the Top 10 in the “Momentum Rankings.” XOWii´s strong leaders and management team fit perfectly into the strategic orientation of EvolvHealth and are an ideal complement to the EvolvHealth leadership team.

Evolv explained that the partnership with XOWii fits absolutely ideally into its planning to date to seek new strategic paths for the “Evolv Life Plan™” business model.

In addition to the gain of 20,000 distribution partners, XOWii´s product line is in harmony with Evolv´s Health Target System™ and the scientific concept of Archaea Active™. “With XOWii’s products and leadership, combined with our flagship ground breaking technology, Archaea Active™, we believe this partnership represents an outstanding addition to our Evolv vision and portfolio. It also represents an excellent opportunity to our new field partners, in the XOWii distributors, as they will be available to expand business into Canada, Mexico and soon Colombia,” said Brent Hicks, EvolvHealth´s CEO.

As a result of the varied range of health products EvolvHealth is expecting enormous growth for 2011. The distribution partners of XOWii and EvolvHealth can access the products of the other company and include them in their product portfolio and expand into the countries opened up by the other company. So far XOWii is represented in the USA, Peru and Chile. “We look forward to welcoming Richard Kelly, James Christiansen, Josh Higginbotham, and all the amazing XOWii distributors to the Evolv family. XOWii and Evolv have run on almost parallel tracks and this coming together provides a stronger platform for everyone involved. Our goal was to expand our health offering in 2011 and XOWii had exactly what we were looking for, and much more. This new partnership is an exciting opportunity to reach new consumers and representatives and to generate significant growth for 2011 and beyond,” said Trey White, EvolvHealth’s Chairman.

XOWii´s strong growth at the moment is closely linked with the “90-Day Challenge Program,” which is now available to the distribution partners of both companies. “With the combined corporate and field leadership model, international growth plans, and vision, we are excited for the poised growth in 2011,” said James Christiansen, XOWii´s CEO. It seems as if the two companies have been seeking and have now found each other.

An empowered life starts with you. It is waking up every morning and taking action to live the life you want to live. Every person’s empowered life is unique. Whether you are looking to improve your health, wealth or overcome obstacles — you must determine your goals and find the power within you to reach them.

At XOWii, we’re with you every step of the way. When you live an empowered life, you discover the freedom that anything is possible. We provide a platform of unlimited potential, so you can work hard and live the results.

At XOWii, we’re about whole body health and nutrition. Whether you want to climb mountains or play football in the backyard with your kids, those who consume XOWii products on a daily basis will enjoy the freedom of overall improved wellness.

Whole Body Health We believe health isn’t just about about numbers on the scale — it is having the energy, physical endurance and mental capacity to do all the things you want to do. With XOWii products, we help you achieve whole body health.

Healthy Energy XOWii contains fruits and antioxidants without the sugar and synthetic ingredients in most drinks. The result is sustained energy without the crash.

Mental Clarity XOWii products are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants"

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Link: XOWii enters partnership with EvolvHealth


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