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  Wildtree Product Overview: Jalapeno Pepper Blend

Wildtree: Jalapeno Pepper Blend

Product Description:

Hot and spicy, this blend speaks for itself! Mix with cream cheese for a zippy dip or mix with sour cream for a great accompaniment for chips and salsa, veggies, or baked potatoes!

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Altair Acquisitions Acquires Wildtree  

" FRISCO, Texas, April 27, 2020 -- Altair Acquisitions, LLC ("Altair") announced today that it has acquired all of the material assets of Wildtree, Inc., a manufacturer of organic and allergen-sensitive spices, oils, mixes, sauces, and meal replacement products. Wildtree, Inc., originally founded in 1999, has been providing flavorful, healthy, all-natural products and meal solutions to customers for... "  
• Altair Acquisitions Acquires Wildtree


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