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  Wildtree Product Overview: Natural Grapeseed Oil

Wildtree: Natural Grapeseed Oil

Product Description:

This oil is known for its natural flavor and consistency making it perfect for frying, baking, and sauteing. This unflavored oil allows the pure flavor of fresh foods to come through.

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Altair Acquisitions Acquires Wildtree  

" FRISCO, Texas, April 27, 2020 -- Altair Acquisitions, LLC ("Altair") announced today that it has acquired all of the material assets of Wildtree, Inc., a manufacturer of organic and allergen-sensitive spices, oils, mixes, sauces, and meal replacement products. Wildtree, Inc., originally founded in 1999, has been providing flavorful, healthy, all-natural products and meal solutions to customers for... "  
• Altair Acquisitions Acquires Wildtree


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