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Using a process they call "Geo-Targeting", AdzZoo goal is to assist local businesses in becoming recognized and established on the Internet using web sites and campaign tactics to help give their clients an Internet presence in areas that are generally dominated by larger corporations and nationally established chains. AdzZoo claims to provide comprehensive information about a client's business throughout strategically targeted areas, all at a cost effective flat rate fee. AdzZoo designs and implements a geo-targeted online advertising campaign providing small business owners a solution they promise will allow them to compete with national chains and major corporations.

AdzZoo's compensation plan is based on the highest tier of campaign manager, who recruits a downline sales team in order to generate a stream of income. Profits are built by recruiting and selling advertising packages to consumers. A fast start bonus is paid to the new campaign directors for selling their ad packages, as well as payments made to any uplines. Another way to earn income is through personal ad campaign sales which involves sales to retail clients, and paying a fixed percentage of the sales volume based upon rank. The remaining three ways to generate income involve an override on ad campaign sales, campaign sale renewals from retail clients which earn residual income, and of course bonus pools. The average sale is $900, however there are packages ranging from basic, local, and targeted at $119.95 per month, to regional and national for upwards of $700 per month.

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