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Affiliate Programs

There are hundreds of affiliate programs, associate programs, and referral programs available on the internet.

Each program typically pays the affiliate for referrals to their site or service. Payment varies but is usually a percentage of the total sale. For banner advertisting and other link services, the payment is usually on a per click, per thousand views, or per signup basis.

We'll be adding programs in the various categories as we review them.

Merchant Affiliate Programs

Click for a list of merchant affiliate programs and the percentages they pay for referred purchases.

Site Traffic Generation Programs

Traffic Multiplier
Traffic Multiplier uses "pop-under" technology. You must have a website where you can place the javascript to enable the system. You earn credits each time a visitor leaves your site. Traffic Multiplier uses "polite ads" that don't pop up in your visitors face, don't pop up at all if the visitor has already seen one in the last 24 hours, and a few other features that we really like and will report on when we show our results later this month.

Traffic Swarm *
Traffic Swarm credits you with free advertising by placing your link on sites after you earn credits by visiting the sites of others.

You can also add a link box like this one:

And earn traffic "credits" for your site. The interface is clean, six site ads per page, with a clever anti-cheat system. Click Here for More Info on Traffic Swarm

Update: As promised, we decided to test Traffic Swarm and related sites promising traffic if you visited other links. So far, Traffic Swarm has outperformed every other program we have tested. We have seen a substantial number of new and unique visitors directly from click-throughs on the Traffic Swarm page. It's worth noting that these are click-throughs from individuals who have selected and clicked on a headline and paragraph about our site. It is targeted traffic. Our results are strictly from testing the free program. Here is the link: Traffic Swarm*.

*Disclaimer: If you sign up with Traffic Swarm through this link, we will receive referral credits. We already have a bazillion credits in our account from testing the program, but we want you to be aware that we're not promoting this program to derive any promotional benefit. If you want to sign up and bypass this link, go directly to

General Programs

Ever wonder what keywords are the most commonly used on search engines to find a product or service? WordTracker gives users a detailed report by search engine that allows you and your referrals to dynamically increase their site traffic by targeting the words and phrases people use most.

Pays 15% per sale. Check out this invaluable free trial Key Word Ranking Trial

Join the Npros Affiliate Program

Join the Npros Affiliate Program. Earn a 30% commission on every Npros product or service purchased by your referrals, and a 30% multi-tier commission on the affiliate commissions earned by each additional affiliate you refer. The Npros Affiliate program is free to join. Click Here.