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  House of Lloyd Christmas Around the World

House of Lloyd Christmas Around the World

When House of Lloyd closed last year, leaving thousand of people looking for their Christmas Around the World products and catalogs, no one seemed able to locate the high quality products and service for which House of Lloyd has become known.


Although one home merchandise company seemed to have acquired the domain name, that company's product line and catalog did not seem to reflect the same holiday items and variety that were the trademark of House of Lloyd Christmas Around the World.

If you are looking for those products, the 100% satisfaction guarantee, and the same commitment to excellent service, you may want to check out the Feelings of Christmas product line at Richmont Direct.

Why Richmont Direct for Christmas products?

We checked several company catalogs, including the company that acquired the domain name from House of Lloyd's bankruptcy, before finding the one key factor and difference. A domain name is just an address on the web. Richmont Direct aquired the key element that made the Christmas Around the World catalog by House of Lloyd the unique buying experience that it had become - a creative director and design specialist responsible for part of the House of Lloyd Christmas Around the World product line.

From the Richmont Direct "About Us Page" Management Profiles

Wayne Maness

Mr. Maness is an award-winning design specialist and creative director with more than a decade of international experience in product sourcing and presentation. He was Product Marketing Manager at Open Invitation by House of Lloyd, responsible for selection and creation of the entire Christmas product line, sold through the company's popular Christmas Around the World catalog. He previously owned his own design firm, working on major special events for a wide variety of clients, including Aldik, Regency, Northstar by Premier, House and Garden Magazine, Aero International and Rich's Department Stores. Earlier in his career, Mr. Maness was Product Development Director for Hanford's Creations. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in art history at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


What does this mean to you?

If you are a former Christmas Around the World / House of Lloyd representative, looking to operate a home based business selling the same quality products, backed by the same 100% satisfaction guarantee, you may want to check out Richmont Direct. If you are a consumer looking to buy those same products you and your family have been buying for years, maybe even decades, take advantage of the fact that Richmont is using the same creative director to create their "Feelings of Christmas" line buy bring in the same talent used by House of Lloyd / Christmas Around the World for years.

We hope this helps anyone who has been scouring the internet looking for Christmas Around the World catalog products, and not finding what they expected when they search under House of Lloyd / Christmas Around the World.

Christmas Around the World company profile.

Why did Npros research this Company?

We have received more queries about this company and their products than any other company on or site (as of October 15, 2003). We wanted to know why. We found that almost everyone we talked to knew of the company, had bought from the company, or knew someone who was a fervent buyer or seller of the company's products. We wanted to know what happened to the company (bankruptcy) and more importantly - where did this product line go? We answered our own questions, we hope if you've been looking for more information on House of Llloyd / Christmas Around the World and their products, that it answers yours as well.

Interested Reps May Click Here for info on joining Richmont Direct.


Looking for a Christmas Around the World Catalog?
House of Lloyd has closed, but the same buyer and same product line can be found here:

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