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  Killer Buzz ( Go Sports Network )

Killer Buzz Energy Drink

Launching a New Product Line in the Network Marketing market space.

One of the specific trends we've noticed at Npros is that companies offering nutritional products and cosmetic products (i.e. consumable products) tend to have a much longer business life than companies offering non-consumables.

Killer Buzz is the first company we've seen launching a product line that competes directly in the Energy Drink Market with brand names like Austria-based Red Bull (which commands 60% of the market) , Go Fast!, Bawls Guarana, Crunk!!!, Pimp Juice, and Defcon 3 just to name a few.

BusinessWeek online in a January 2005 article points out that Red Bull's market share alone accounts for $150 million in annual revenue (source: Information Resources).

Killer Buzz is being marketed by Go Sports Network, Inc. (GSN). Their website says that GSN is a company dedicated to empowering men and women to enjoy peak performance, and that they have been developing products since 1976. GSN founders Stan and Michael Goss founded Formor International in 1996 (Nutritional supplements make up the major portion of Formor's sales volume, followed by skin care and home care products).

Killer Buzz seems to be a new entry into the market under a new division of the company.

The Killer Buzz signup page states that new distributors may sign up now, but will not be billed until product ships on or about March 1, 2005.

Signup is free for a marketing site, or $50.00 for an initial order of one case of the Killer Buzz energy drink.

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