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Although Avon Products are sold in retail outlets, Avon is best known for the original efforts via door to door sales via "Avon Ladies", or Avon Representatives.

Starting up with Avon takes a $10 start up fee and a starter kit, in addition to registering with the Avon company either by mail or online. There are no sales quotas, mandatory recruiting or mandatory monthly meetings.

As an Avon Representative you would be distributing booklets, collecting orders and placing a bulk order at discount prices, at which point you would then sort, bag, and distribute the orders to clients while collecting payment and keeping your profits. Representatives can utilize any number of sales methods including house parties, catalogue distribution, phone sales, word of mouth, door to door and Internet sales.

Avon Representatives can advertise and sell Avon globally, through web sites operated by individuals attempting to sell Avon products. Web-based sales are commonplace throughout the Internet world as representatives look for new and efficient ways to promote Avon products and make commissions on sales.

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