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Bidify is the marketing division of Bidsson, a global penny action site. Each bid in the auction is 1 penny more than the highest bid. Each time a new bid is made the clock resets to 30 seconds. When the 30 seconds passes without another bid, the last bidder wins.

Bidify's bids are classified as ‘Sample Bids’ and ‘Retail Bids’. Sample Bids are purchased by Bidsson Affiliates to give to Bidsson customers. Customers can then use these bids to bid on a Bidsson auction. Retail Bids are purchased by Bidsson customers to bid in a Bidsson auction. Bidify affiliates can qualify to earn rewards on every retail bid they sell and every sample bid they purchase that is used by a Bidsson customer.

Enrollment Options

There is an initial startup cost to join Bidify of 100 Euros ($126.70 USD) and a 20 Euro ($25.30) monthly administration fee thereafter. Bidify affiliates receive a replicated website and can refer an unlimited number of retail customers. Affiliates cannot refer customers and recruit new affiliates or participate in the compensation plan until they have completed Bidify's Compliance Certification Course.

Compensation Plan

Bidify has a unilevel compensation plan. Bidify Affiliates must have a monthly Personal Volume of 50 in order to receive commissions and bonuses. Affiliates earn one-time product sales bonuses on every product package sold in Bidify, a 25% retail bonus when one of their personally referred customers purchases retail bids, and a 5% bonus when a personally referred Affiliate purchases sample bids. Bidify Affiliates can also qualify for leadership bonuses and incentive trips.

20% of all cash rewards earned by Bidify Affiliates are paid as 'mandatory funds' to their 'Mandatory Account' and cannot be withdrawn as cash. Mandatory funds may only be spent at the Bidsson site.

Bidify Company Overview

Bidify Logo

427 N Tatnall St #15902
Wilmington Delaware 19801

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
Larus Palmi Magnusson, Chairman & CEO
Frode Jorgensen, Chief Creative Officer

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Bidify Changes Business Model
August 20, 2012 -- In the wake of the SEC shutdown of Zeek Rewards, Bidify has halted activity on its website and posted a corporate message. In order to avoid being subjected to the same scrutiny as Zeek Rewards, Bidify has developed a revised business plan that eliminates leadership bonuses and the ability to give away sample bids from Bidsson. The entire corporate statement can be viewed at ...

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