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Evolv Health is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and the company site states that they have done more than 15 years of research and scientific development into the Evolv proprietary beverage formulas.

According to the Evolv site, the beverages combine colorless and flavorless Archaea Active™ formula with natural spring water to create health benefits with hydration including increased stamina, energy and endurance.

Evolv Health compensation plan is a hybrid binary with matching bonuses up to 100%; Fast Start bonuses on first orders up to 25% to 3 generations; coded bonus to infinity

Evolv Corporate Site

EvolvHealth Company Overview

EvolvHealth Logo

13455 Noel Road 23rd Floor
Dallas Texas 75240

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
Trey White, Founder and Chairmain
Brent Hicks, CEO
Jonathan Gilliam, Chief Marketing Officer
Charlie Culver, Jim Lutes - Master Distributors

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Trey  White / Founder and Chairmain

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Products and Product Reviews

Evolv products contain Archaea Active™. The product is a functional beverage that the corporate site claims will result in production of cell signaling molecules that appear in very low concentrations"--increases oxygenation and decreases inflammation."

Evolv Launch Schedule

Evolv is currently in the Pre-Enrollment. Pre-positioning in the network will be limited to the Pre-Enrollment period which will allow potential distributors to lock in their position in the company genealogy as part of the Founder Club....

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Evolv PreLaunch and PreEnrollment

Evolv is in the pre-launch phase, and has a pre-enrollment site for potential distributors. The Pre-Enrollment period allows potential distributors to secure their position in the organization. ...

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Home Business News Archive

cPRIME to Join EvolvHealth Family of Products
January 23, 2012 - Dallas, TX - EvolvHealth Executives announced today that cPRIME will be joining the Evolv family of health products. cPRIME has made great strides in developing a cutting edge technology that supports health in a unique way, establishing powerful celebrity endorsements, and implementing innovative business tools to market this technology. In conjunction with the e84 Challenge pr...

Evolv Health Launches All Natural Supplement for Arthritis Relief
TORONTO, ON, October 11, 2011 -- Evolv Health, in partnership with Future Ceuticals, has announced the launch of Limitless, a supplemental product that will bring relief to individuals suffering from arthritis, diabetes, joint inflammation and a host of other ailments. Limitless, an all-natural capsule, has been through rigorous clinical testing and has been proven to be one of the most effectiv...

Evolv And XOWii Announce New Product
Evolv Health, LLC has introduced an exciting new line of products to their Evolv water and Evolv gel offerings. As a result of their acquisition of XOWii last month, Evolv Health has made the XOWii products available to their customers and distributors.These include weight management shakes and powders, an energy drink, and liquid nutritional supplements. As with the Evolv Health products, thes...

XOWii enters partnership with EvolvHealth
(openPR) - Up to now there have just been rumors, but now it´s official: XOWii is joining the Evolv family. Both companies were founded 16 days apart in the Fall of 2009 and have been able to establish themselves in the network marketing industry during this short period. In 2010 XOWii was one of the fastest growing MLM companies and was counted among the Top 10 in the "Momentum Rankings." XOWii´s...

Evolv Health Announces 90 Day Guarantee
Evolv Health, a multi level marketing company based out of Dallas, Texas, has just implemented a 90 day money back guarantee program for both their customers and their new distributors. The plan was outlined at the first annual Evolv Health convention in Dallas, Texas which was held from November 4 through November 7, 2010.Customers who purchase either the Evolv water or Evolv gel product will ...

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