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Genasante' , the new direct sales division of Golden Moor, is a new company with a mission − wellness. The company's approach is to provide scientifically-proven health and longevity products.

Genasante' promotes what they call the "7 Pillar Foundation to Health"− core nutrition products, natural "home spa" products, healthy foods, nutritional follow-up testing, healthy living education, income opportunity and giving. The testing assures the levels of potency called the Heath Nutrient Status Assessment which guarantees their natural products are beneficial, nutritious and vitamin enriched. Recent scientific research, backed by The Journal of American Medical Association as early as 2002, has linked many chronic diseases to a suboptimal vitamin absorption. Genasante believes in testing to make sure their product line has the recommended strengths.

The company's natural products include both internal, digestive supplements and external skin care for face and body including mud spa treatments. Their digestible products are gluten-free as well as sugar and artificial sweetener void.

The company also promotes what they term as the "next generation of anti-aging products" as well as MoorMax, a potent and natural product that is unique to their product line. It is derived from the flora near Ontario, Canada which produces an extract known as humic acid. This substance has natural anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging qualities. Their website states "it contains a truly unique collection of plants, minerals, trace-elements and organic substances such as volatile oils, amino acids, waxes, resins, phyto-hormones, vitamins, enzymes and natural antibiotics."

With a planned launch in 2010, Genasante' is basing their company's focus on health, nutrition, beauty and financial opportunity through natural products. Independent Business Owner (IBO) opportunities and training are available. Money making opportunities are in five categories- Fast Start Bonuses, Leadership (Sales Team) Percentages, Generational Matching Bonuses, Global Leadership Profit Share and Incentives, and Retail Commissions with a 40% discount in product purchasing.

Genasante Company Overview

Genasante Logo

38 Industriel
Ontario Canada K0A 1M0
Phone: 613-764-6667

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
Monte Taylor, Jr., Chief Executive Officer
John Souza, Chief Operating Officer
Marc Saint-Onge, President, Golden Moor

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Marc  Saint-Onge / President, Golden Moor
Monte  Taylor / Chief Executive Officer
John  Souza / Chief Operating Officer

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Nutrition, Core DNA Essentials, Vital Reds & Greens, GeneTeas, 21-Day Cleanse, Mud Baths, Ionic Foot Spa, Face & Body, Gift Sets


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