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The Global Information Network is presented as a collaboration of insider secrets covering a myriad of information ranging from health, metaphysics, religion, science, politics, conspiracies and government. The GIN is promoted by Kevin Trudeau, a well known infomercialist and bestselling book writer whose works have generated both controversy and profits.

The Global Information Network clearly states on the first and every page of the website that it is not a business opportunity. It is a community of likeminded individuals, who have come together to sell information, and form a membership driven social group that shares this information, opportunities and the like for a price. However, they do offer and affiliate program for resale and promotion of GIN and which pays $200 for every referral, distinctly making it a business opportunity.

There are allusions on the GIN website to many influential and successful contributors who wish to remain anonymous. It is a multi-form foundation organized in the country of Nevis, which is an isolated 36 square mile island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Puerto Rico. This island is not under the control of the U.S. government.

The method of making money with the Global Information Network is through the membership contacts that you make while a member and the information gained. The network also offers an affiliate program where members can make money by promoting the group to others. When another person buys into the group, members who referred them make commissions.

Global Information Network offers 12 membership levels. The initiation fee is $1,000, and monthly dues are $150 a month thereafter. You must also be referred to the network by an affiliate, or a member in good standing. For this price, you will be given access to membership level 1 sections of the site, and receive no cash bonuses.

The remaining sections of the compensation plan are hidden and the information cited as classified.

Although the Global Information Network website lists the Founders as "Anonymous", Kevin Trudeau directly promotes the company through the Kevin Trudeau seminars. Many sites link Kevin Trudeau to Global Information Network as a founder. Definitive documentation is not available at this time.

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Global Information Network
3 Grant Square, #302
Hinsdale Illinois 60521
Phone: 331-481-7504

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The GIN offers monthly, quarterly, and yearly memberships allowing members to gain allegedly exclusive, information about methods that others have used to generate large amounts of money per month. In addition, membership promises to provide information on how to protect financial assets, how to be successful in business and even promises to provide international contacts that can aid and assist in various ways.

Kevin Trudeau and the Global Information Network

Kevin Trudeau, writer of best-selling books about natural cures, debt cures and how to make millions, is the primary promoter of the new venture, "Global Information Network"....

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