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In the age of the digital revolution, IamVoip leads the way in both innovation and technological advances.

With the goal and commitment to providing crystal clear service and superior customer care, IamVoip is poised for marketwide success on the threshold of a new era in telecommunications. The technology and systems created by IamVoip is corporately controlled and owned, allowing them the ability to offer new technology and applications as they are developed.

This in turn makes their cutting-edge technology, in development for over three years, readily available to the consumer.

Their Voice Over Internet technology involves the use of a high-speed Internet connection, together with a standard telephone located in your home or office; much like the old system used through your traditional phone service. The difference is that IamVoip can bring you better technology and sound quality, which means no more dropped calls or bad connections; for far less than any other telephone service costs you may currently be paying.

Using what the company calls “The People’s Phone Service”, as a customer of IamVoip you decide which services you want, and pay only for what you are getting. The substantial savings include instances of paying $250 less per year. Imagine lowering your telephone costs by over 75% a year.

IamVoip customers enjoy the savings while keeping extras like call forwarding, as well as any of the other additional services they may be enjoying, and paying extra for, with traditional phone service carrier.

Some of the exceptional services currently offered by IamVoip, while keeping in mind that this company increases their technological lead constantly, include:

• Unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico
• All-inclusive features
• The leader in service reliability, and no dropped calls
• Low International rates
• Free ‘Softphone’ that turns your PC into a phone
• Advanced Voicemail
• Huge savings over your current rates
• No contracts or term commitments
• Outstanding customer support
• Business-class service
• Exceptional call clarity and quality
• Uses existing phone equipment

The marketing division of the company focuses upon creating opportunities for anyone interested in developing their own business and residual income, using IamVoip as the vehicle to do so.

Incentives to the consumer of IamVoip for becoming a representative include the added benefit of a further reduction in the cost of service over and above the already discounted consumer rates, and the chance to earn substantial compensation for your efforts.

The IamVoip program has mass appeal in that it does not require consumers to make a commitment of time or money. Customers are given the right to choose the services that they want, at a price they can afford. Additionally, with digital telecommunications beginning to invade every aspect of our society, customers will appreciate being completely informed of the benefits involved in switching to this technology now, rather than waiting until it becomes inevitable that they do so by a world decision to alter the current methods.

Should a customer decide that an opportunity like this with IamVoip is something they have both the desire and ability to be successful at, they have the benefit and support of an advanced marketing team and professionally developed training materials that are among the best in the industry.

Steven Smith, a talented and influential member of IamVoip’s marketing team, and a Founder of Excel Communications and Director of the company’s marketing division, is confident that IamVoip will surpass even his million-dollar earnings with Excel.

With a solid company financial base, responsive customer service and cutting-edge technology, and an equal quality commitment to both consumers<

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