MonaVie Distributor Compensation

The MonaVie distributor compensation plan focuses on a multi-level marketing system with a hybrid binary compensation plan. Distributors have 8 different methods for being compensated spanning bonuses on bulk orders and team commissions, to direct sales and recruitment of new distributors.

A few of the methods of MonaVie distributor compensation are direct retail sales that can be generated either directly by you, or through your website. You may place a bulk order for your sponsored individuals who order increments of 3, 6, or 12 cases. Your team commissions come from weekly income generated by sponsored individuals. There are also executive check matches, leadership pools, multiple business centers, and reportedly a Mercedes Benz automobile upon reaching Black Diamond Executive status, as well as the use of a jet as a taxi service.

The start up ’kit’ is less than $50; relatively inexpensive except there is no product included for that price. You do however, get the products at wholesale. You may choose your level of compensation based upon the number of cases you want to hold for selling. The commission structure is 10% for all volume, and 20% for personal volume, on those distributors you bring in under you.

Distributors are the first to point out that the process takes time and some effort, and patience; but the rewards are consistent they claim, once you have taken the time to establish a foundation. Distributors also debunk the myth that the juice “cures” diseases, stating that it is health enhancement of the highest form only.

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