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MLM companies are often targeted as scams. In part because of the advertising hype surrounding them and the products, in part because of the compensation plans for the sellers of the product, and in part because the products themselves are in question. Objectively examining companies such as this becomes difficult when most of the informational feedback comes from consumers; themselves either content or disgruntled.

The Monavie Scam debate focuses on several aspects of this MLM company. Monavie refuses to disclose the amount of acai berry used for fear of competitive infringement on their proprietary blend. Consumers want a response before handing over more than $1.50 an ounce for the juice. Contemplation that the amount of acai in the juice is inadequate to confirm health benefits started a rumor that the juice was a 'scam'.

A rumor that Monavie was the fastest company to reach one billion in sales fuels the debate as well. If a distributor keeps the product in their own warehouse, technically the company can count that as a sale; even though the product hasn’t really been ‘sold’. Because of the compensation plans given to distributors, they are encouraged to purchase large amounts of the product at deep discounts to make their profit on the sales end. There does not seem to be any proof that the company has had one billion in sales, with no annual report existing to substantiate such a claim.

Competitive companies have sought the protection of lawsuits against Monavie, citing that the company makes false claims about the ability of its product to effectively prevent and/or halt certain diseases and maladies, and that these claims are damaging to those companies that provide accurate detailed information to the consumer about their own products, in terms of being poorly compared to MonaVie because of the mystery surrounding their beverage ingredient levels.

The facts will have to speak for themselves concerning sales, company size, and longevity when making any attempts to be objective with the Monavie Scam debate. The company itself has been in business since January of 2005. There are no easily accessible public records regarding the size of the company, its distributorship, or its annual financial reports.

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