MonaVie Testimonials

MonaVie testimonials range from glowing recommendations from doctors and consumers about a ‘miracle’ product, to scathing reviews from disgruntled former distributors or consumers who experienced no results at all from the juice.

The many conflicting opinions can definitely create difficulty for the prospective buyer or distributor doing research before making a commitment to purchase or start a business with MonaVie.

Keep in mind that MonaVie testimonials, like all other testimonials for any business opportunity, product or service, are based upon the opinion of the person writing them. As such, they are not an objective source of factual information about the company or its product.

What they do provide however, is a valid starting point to investigate specific claims in more detail. Opinions by consumers for instance that the juice has reversed the need for cataract surgery, halted or minimized the effects of some incurable diseases such as Parkinsons, Diabetes or Multiple Sclerosis, or improved other illnesses and maladies from allergies to fibromyalgia, become valid starting points for further research into such claims.

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