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Numis Network markets and provides graded silver and gold numismatic coins through the network marketing distrubition channel. The company was founded by Ian Cordell, Christopher Kent, and Jake Kevorkian.

The trio teamed up with Infomercial Celebrity Mike Mezack, an expert on coin collecting and the marketing of numismatic coins. The company is now providing their products with the intention of becoming the largest retailer in the world of precious metal coins by creating a new industry category by utilizing the power of network marketing as a marketing channel.

Numismatics is a greek word pertaining to the study of coins, tokens, paper money, and similar objects used as currency. Numis Network offers webinars, training videos and a compensation plan for indivuals interested in providing their product in addition to The Numis Business Building System (Numis BBS), a comprehensive lead capture, contact management, email marketing system

Numis Network Company Overview

Numis Network Logo

Numis Network
615 Channelside Drive
Suite 201
Tampa Florida 33602
Phone: 866 920-1080
Fax: 813 805-8706

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
Ian Cordell, Founder and President
Christopher Kent, Founder and EVP
Jake Kevorkian, Founder and EVP
Mike Mezack, Celebrity, Expert Numismatist

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Products and Product Reviews

Graded silver and gold numismatic coins that are based on various themes, ranging from national animals to historical Roman coins.

Numis Network Coins

Numis Network coins are collectible graded, silver and gold numismatic coins designed for collectors and coin enthusiasts. "Numismatics" is a Greek word pertaining to the study of coins, tokens, paper money, and similar objects used as currency. ...

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Numis Network Compensation Plan

The Numis Network Compensation Plan is a leveraged plan that pays up front commissions in the form of "coded bonuses" with limitless range, as well as binary based residual income. ...

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Numis Network Complaints

Numis Network complaints consist of criticism toward the business policies of Numis Network, as well as the authenticity of Numismatic Coins, the collectible gold, and silver pieces offered to network marketing entrepreneurs as well as consumers alike. In some cases, network marketing gurus, both experienced professionals as well as newly coined business owners; have complained because they were unable to duplicate the same results claimed attainable by the products distributors. ...

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Numis Network Review

Reviews of the Numis Network have surfaced all over the Internet ranging from praise to disapproval. Numis Network has entered into the collectible market which is often shaky during economic down turns. The result is that marketing the product and attempting to make a profit is that much more unpredictable in an already unpredictable enterprise. ...

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Numis Network Scam

The Numis Network is promoted on the concept of endowing Americans that collect coins, with the leverage of multi-level marketing, in order to build a successful and profitable business model. Since Numis Network released its Numismatic coins along with the opportunity to market them, some reviews of the company have suggested elements of scams and pyramid schemes. ...

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Numis Releases New Compensation Plan
Numis Network today unveiled a revised compensation plan for its representatives which embodies the company's mission statement: "To help people around the world live wealthier and happier lives." The new plan is a vehicle for creating financial success through buying and selling collectible coins and crystals. "With the current economic uncertainty, Numis Network is the only one building asse...

Numis Network Press Release
February 19, 2011 - Tampa Bay -- Network marketing company the Numis Network will hold its fourth Numis University training seminar February 18-20 in Las Vegas. Located at the Paris Hotel and Casino, this training will help Numis Network representatives improve their familiarity with network marketing and gain the skills and techniques necessary to become financially free in 2011. Numis...

Numis Network Goal to Reach 5 Million Representatives
Numis Network Press Release: Numis Network founders create lofty goals for its representatives to reach 5 million representatives in the next 5 years and their vision may not be that far off. To date the Numis Network independent collector representatives number is about 10,000. Not bad for a network marketing start up that is 8 months old. So how is the Numis Network garnering such a high recr...

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