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P.O. BOX 430
GRAND RAPIDS MI 49599-04309
Phone: 888-681-8789
Fax: 616-787-4404

Quixtar was launched in 1999, Their Internet commerce business model combines the commercial power of the internet, and low-cost Independent Business Ownership Plans. Quixtar has a full-service infrastructure of to help individuals reach their goals.
Quixtar is a division of Alticor, parent company of Amway, Corp.

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Doug DeVos, CEO Quixtar

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Quixtar Topics

Quixtar complaints
In addition to consumer complaints, Quixtar complaints have been taken as high as the United States Federal Trade Commission. Although the company cannot legally be termed a "pyramid scheme"; critics argue that the fee structure and compensation plan are synonymous with that type of business....

Quixtar Lawsuits
Quixtar lawsuits range from attempts at gaining injunctions against the company in various states prohibiting them from attempting to sell any of their products or motivational tools. The grounds for these Quixtar lawsuits include allegations of violations of state and local business codes, unlawful, unfair and fraudulent business practices, false advertising, and in some cases the company attempted to sue distributors for trying to leave the company, among other failed suits....

Quixtar reviews
Quixtar reviews involve the basic business information that Quixtar was founded in 1999, and is run by the same company that owns Amway. The Quixtar business model is very similar to Amway's except it uses the internet. You can only join Quixtar through the referral of an already established member; an IBO (Independent Business Owner). Every IBO has access to selling Quixtar products through their website. As an IBO you are encouraged to purchase as many Quixtar products as you can as well as simultaneously recruit more IBOs. In many Quixtar reviews, it is stated that there are several problems with this business model. Quixtar limits your freedom to advertise your website, wants you to rely on word of mouth or one-on-one communication only, and your income is completely dependent upon how much people in your downline will purchase....

Quixtar Scam
The Quixtar scam is a term that has been employed to describe the Amway related company's practice of teaching distributors to push the motivational products and tapes because these items are more expensive than the actual products....

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Quixtar News

Home Business News Archive

Amway Quixtar Loses Court Ruling
Amway Quixtar lost a federal court dispute Wednesday to 3 junior independent business owners over an arbitration agreement that Amway makes its IBOs sign when they become distributors. The agreement was described as "unconscionable and unenforceable," according to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The arbitration agreement essentially forces distributors to reconcile legal disputes privately in...

Quixtar in the Chicago Tribune
Once a household name and reputedly the key to fortune for modern salesmen hoping to live out a Horatio Alger myth, the Amway brand faded from the American market years ago, tarnished by legal and regulatory problems.The direct seller of everything from health and beauty items to household cleaners repeatedly fought allegations that it was a pyramid scheme. The company also paid $20 million in ...

Amway Warns of Bogus Internet Charity Scam
Amway Corporation (Quixtar in the U.S. and Canada) has discovered an internet scam that uses a bogus Amway charity as a lure. Amway cautions individuals to be on the lookout for e-mails from a group calling itself the "Amway Children Charity Foundation". Please be advised that this is not an Amway-sanctioned program and the name, program and people indicated in the e-mails are not related to Amwa...

Quixtar Announces Fifth Year of Billion Dollar Sales
Quixtar Inc. today announced fiscal 2007 sales of $1.072 billion, the fifth consecutive year in which the company surpassed the billion-dollar mark. The results represented a slight decline from the previous year's sales of $1.12 billion, which were the best in Quixtar's nine-year history.Results were affected minimally by actions the company took to terminate the business of a few Independent ...

Amway Sues to ID Bloggers
The case could be called Amway versus the Internet, or some might argue, Amway versus free speech. The Ada Township-based multi-level marketing giant this week filed a sweeping suit in Ottawa County Circuit Court against 30 people classified as John Does for disparaging the company in blogs, online forums and YouTube videos. The suit, filed by Quixtar, the online version of Alticor Inc.'s Am...


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