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Quixtar reviews involve the basic business information that Quixtar was founded in 1999, and is run by the same company that owns Amway. The Quixtar business model is very similar to Amway's except it uses the internet. You can only join Quixtar through the referral of an already established member; an IBO (Independent Business Owner). Every IBO has access to selling Quixtar products through their website. As an IBO you are encouraged to purchase as many Quixtar products as you can as well as simultaneously recruit more IBOs. In many Quixtar reviews, it is stated that there are several problems with this business model. Quixtar limits your freedom to advertise your website, wants you to rely on word of mouth or one-on-one communication only, and your income is completely dependent upon how much people in your downline will purchase.

Most distributors writing Quixtar reviews complain that the situation is such that you cannot advertise properly, while needing people to purchase the products daily in order to make enough money to earn a decent living as a distributor.

Quixtar supporters are relatively silent in their reviews, although the company website and some distributor sites offers a great deal of motivational material geared toward debunking the negative reviews.

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