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SevenPoint2, launched in October 2011 and based in Newport Beach, California, offers a line of nutritional supplements designed to help maintain an inner pH of 7.2, which it calls the key to a healthy lifestyle. SevenPoint2 is introducing a “72 Day Alkaline Weight Loss Challenge”, a weight loss program based on maintaining ideal inner pH by avoiding certain foods and using the company’s products.

All of SevenPoint2’s products are designed to help people achieve and maintain what the company calls an “alkaline lifestyle”. These products include Greens, a supplement designed to detoxify the body; Vegan Shake, a vegetarian source of low carbohydrate protein with naturally-occurring amino acids; Alkaline Booster, designed to bring the body from acidic pH levels to alkaline; and Coffee Drops, which makes acidic beverages more alkaline.

Company Goals

SevenPoint2’s vision is “to have one million people, consuming and enjoying the benefits of our products, thereby creating the world’s first Alkaline movement.”

Enrollment Options

Membership for SevenPoint2 is $39.00 annually. Independent Members who want to participate in the compensation plan as an Associate must purchase $100.00 in personal volume or generate $250.00 in monthly retail sales.

Compensation Plan

SevenPoint2 has a hybrid unilevel compensation plan that includes an initial purchase bonus, fast track bonuses, matching bonuses, a car bonus and a free product program. There are six membership ranks. Various components of the compensation plan pay out only after an Associate reaches a certain rank.

SevenPoint2 Company Overview

SevenPoint2 Logo

17 Corporate Plaza Dr. #232
Newport Beach California 92660
Phone: 855 553 5085

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
Jason Boreyko, CEO & Co-Founder
Dr. Howard Cohn DC, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder
Tara Brooke Boreyko, VP of Media Relations, Spokesmodel & Co-Founder
Daniel M. Cortes, Chief Financial Officer

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Jason  Boreyko / CEO and Co-Founder
Howard Dr. Howard Cohn Cohn / Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder
Tara  Brooke-Boreyko / VP of Media Relations, Spokesmodel and Co-Founder
Daniel M Cortes / Chief Financial Officer
Danielle  Cohen / VP of Programs and Events
Chris  Bleill / Technical Advisor

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Products and Product Reviews

Alkaline balanced nutritional products

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7.2 Coffee Drops
7.2 Alkaline Booster
7.2 Greens
7.2 Shake

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SevenPoint2 Announces Weight Loss Made Simple Challenge
Newport Beach, CA May 17, 2014 -- The SevenPoint2 WLMS (Weight Loss Made Simple) Challenge runs from June 1, 2014 to August 30th 2014. To enter the SevenPoint2 WLMS Challenge simply photograph your current weight in an appropriate but revealing outfit (stretch clothing or other) and document the date either by digital date stamp, or witnessed by someone who can attest to the accuracy of the photo ...

SevenPoint2 Holds Leadership Summit, Introduces New Product
Las Vegas, NV, March 19, 2014 -- Newport Beach based direct selling phenomenon SevenPoint2 conducted its Leadership Summit in Las Vegas Nevada last week at Caesars Palace. The massively anticipated event appeared to be a meeting of the nations of the world with over 14 leaders attending from Korea alone! Differing time zones all aligned on the fact that the SevenPoint2 timing is NOW and the right ...

SevenPoint2 Leadership Summit March 7th and 8th
Las Vegas, NV -- February 28, 2014 -- Newport Beach based direct selling phenomenon SevenPoint2 announces the Leadership Summit March 7th and 8th in Las Vegas Nevada. 7.2 will be hosting its first-ever international Leadership Summit. Sevenpoint2 will feature a worldwide attraction for business leaders at the beautiful Caesars Palace in Las Vegas Nevada.Hear from product developer Dusan Miljkov...

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