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Syntec ( Syntec, Inc / Syntec Worldwide / Syntec Nutraceuticals ) offers a line of Nutraceuticals that contain antioxidants that the company claims offer protection against free radicals, and nutritionally enhanced micro nutrients. The company was founded by Edward Yeh, Founder and CEO, and Joseph Wang, PhD, President and Co-Founder. Syntec offers both products for retailers as well as business opportunities for network marketing entrepreneurs. Syntec is currently located in Vacaville, CA. Its manufacturing plant is located in Hillsboro, Wisconsin.

A producer of Nutraceuticals, Syntec offers a variety of nutritionally enriched bars and tablets, each targeting a specific nutritional need. Syntec bars contain SynVita, a multivitamin, as well as high levels of both fat and water soluble essential vitamins, SynVita also contains micro nutrients for enhancing general health that Syntec Nutraceuticals believes help protect against oxidative stress from free radicals. In addition to Syntec's line of vitamin bars and tablets, the company also produces cocktail recipes utilizing some of the supplements produced by Syntec.

Hillsboro, WI Address:
186 East Madison St.
Hillsboro, WI 54634

Syntec Nutraceuticals Company Overview

Syntec Nutraceuticals Logo

Syntec Nutraceuticals
4941 Allison Pkwy
Vacaville California 95688
Phone: 707 447 1977
Fax: 707 446 4911

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
Edward Yeh, Founder and CEO
Joseph Wang, PhD, President and Co-Founder

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Edward  Yeh / Founder and CEO
Joseph  Wang / President and Co-Founder

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Products and Product Reviews

SynBio, SynBio-X, SynCell, SynGevity, SynOPC, SynOPC-X, SynOmega, SynPhyto-K, SynVita, BoneCare, CardioCare, DigestiveCare, JointCare, VisionCare


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US Marshals Seize Supplements Manufactured by Syntec Inc
FDA NEWS RELEASE Dec. 1, 2011 -- U.S. Marshals, at the request of the FDA, today seized all dietary supplements by a Wisconsin maker for false claims made about their safety and effectiveness in treating a number of diseases.The products manufactured at the Hillsboro, Wis., facility of Syntec Inc. are not FDA-approved and a complaint filed in the United States District Court for the Western Dis...

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Syntec Nutraceuticals


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