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Even after the Internet became a mainstream tool available to everyone, Tupperware products were only available through the company website, mail order catalogues, Tupperware parties and Tupperware consultants; including door to door salespeople. Most people would look through the local paper for a Tupperware sales associate or dial an 800 number to contact the company and order a print catalogue.

More recently, the company has expanded its distribution methods via MLM marketing and allowing consultants to sell the company's products online. Although there are a slue of Tupperware Consultants operating direct seller web sites selling Tupperware products as their key products, there are an almost equal number of product distributors that sell a variety of items in which Tupperware is included, these are generally called Tupperware Dealers.

Tupperware dealers may start off as Tupperware consultants until deciding to open a shop, or a mobile sales display where they can demonstrate their products. If they build a big enough customer base they may then set up an Internet based Tupperware business or a stationary catalogue-based outfit. Tupperware did attempt to sell its products through Target in 2001, until the move hurt independent sales reps, forcing Tupperware to cancel its partnership in 2003.

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