TVI Express Scam

TVI Express has generated a considerable amount of controversy over their travel certificate program. Most detractors who have posted information under "TVI Express Scam" typically cite very specific reasons for their concerns. At this time, there is no regulatory agency labeling Travel Ventures International as a scam or identifying any new or ongoing investigation.

The most common reasons cited under TVI Express Scam postings:

No current corporate address listed on the TVI website.

No corporate info or executive bios on TVI Express Executivs

No listing in the UK Companies Registry for TVI Express

TVI Express is not currently accepting credit cards for payment.

TVI Express has suspended redemption on their travel certificate.

TVI Express Scam blogs also often comment on the recruitment aspect and requirement to pay $250 for a travel voucher to participate in the compensation plan.

The travel industry has also been rife with prior travel MLM's closed by federal agencies ( See World Class Network, Nu Concepts in Travel ) and several companies that have closed abrubtly or generated bad press and/or lawsuits from members and agents ( TravelMax, Joystar, TravelStar ). does not endorse any specific company and encourages consumers to always research a business opportunity before making an investment of time or money into a business.

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