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Vemma Builder is a system for selling Vemma products that you may pay extra for and use as a distributor of Vemma products. The reviews on this system are mixed, and vary from those who claim it is an excellent tool for increasing leads, recruits and sales; and those who claim that it is an outright scam and not worth the money.

The program consists of an automated website or webpage that is built and maintained by the distributor for the purpose of obtaining leads. The prospective lead is not given any incentive to enter their name and email address, so the process is perpetuated by pure public interest in the products and the company. After entering their email, an automatic responder contacts the lead with more information and they are offered a tour of that distributorís website.

Leads must be paid for by the distributor, and the cost per lead can range from $2.00 to $2.50 each lead, depending upon how many are purchased. Leads are also not pre-screened so the distributor must contact them in order to determine if they have any further interest in pursuing the opportunity and to explain what an MLM opportunity is like.

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