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Vemma reviews range from very supportive to completely disbelieving. Because Vemma is one of the major competitors of Xango, another mangosteen derived vitamin juice, and because MLM and direct marketing companies as a whole can be the source of negative attention, the reviews are either mediocre or lean heavily in favor of the juice company.

Vemma is owned by a company with a history of over 12 years in the manufacture and marketing of supplements industry. Like all multi-level marketing companies however, the object of the game is to sell the products. A good number of Vemma reviews are from customers complaining that they merely wanted to buy the product not sell it, and that Vemma tends to be a little aggressive in their recruitment efforts.

With few exceptions, the Vemma reviews by consumers are very positive. Users of the juice can find nothing damaging about it, and aside from the price of $70 for a month’s supply, most people do experience very beneficial results in the form of increased energy and stamina, and overall well-being.

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