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Dan Maltais  
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Co-Founder and CEO
The human body generates approximately 80 watts of electricity when sleeping and up to 1600 watts of electricity when sprinting. Electricity is constantly running through us attracting other people, creating ideas, and pulling us towards our destinations. Dan Maltais started with a vision. His vision evolved into an effervescent energy as it was conceptualized, attracting others around the world that held the same ideals. The same energy. The same breath.

Dan has an infinite vision for Synaura. His energy, passion, and dedication are undeniably felt by all those he comes into contact with. Dan’s perpetual energy is combined with over 25 years of experience in the multi-level marketing (MLM) industry. He has extensive experience as a distributor and as a corporate consultant. As a distributor, he created hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and was a top earning distributor for two of the fastest-growing MLM companies in history. Teaching success is second nature to Dan; he has also been a consultant in the MLM industry, working side-by-side company owners and executives as both a master distributor and a member of a corporate team.

Dan’s vision turned into Synaura as he partnered with experienced and distributor-minded professionals. His first demonstration of commitment to you shines through the executive team.

Source: Synaura Executive Team Page

Travis Martin  
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Co-Founder the Senior VP of Sales and Marketing
Synaura’s philosophy of ‘one energy’ was illustrated with a chance meeting of Travis Martin and Dan Maltais in Sweden. Like Dan, Travis generates and attracts energy wherever he goes. His innovation and creativity flow freely and constantly, engaging and sharing with everyone around him. Travis and Dan met and two energies synergistically became one. Travis’ natural ability to connect with people will enable him to lead the charge in sales and marketing.

Travis has vast experience in all realms of the multi-level marketing (MLM) industry. As the Senior Vice President of International Sales for a prestigious MLM company, Travis propelled sales from zero to over $300 Million in just three years. He has been a corporate executive for two of the largest MLM companies in the United States as well as a master distributor and trainer. Travis also owned a MLM company, adding additional leadership and experience to an already impressive background.

Source: Synaura Executive Team Page

Kenneth Kroll  
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Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer
A Harvard Medical doctor, board certified surgeon and board certified in anti-aging medicine, Dr. Kroll has practiced medicine and lectured around the world on such subjects as anti-aging, disease, molecular biology and the immune system. An established scholar, Dr. Kroll immediately took a keen interest in the maqui berry. His ongoing interest in anti-aging medicine combined with the maqui berry sparked a revolution in formulation with Synaura’s first product. Dr. Kroll used the power of the maqui berry but also incorporated three other formulas. His passion for the formulation created a new opportunity he may never have considered otherwise; to become an executive at Synaura. Dr. Kroll is an expert on the maqui berry and continues to innovate by conducting clinical trials and studies on anti-aging technologies.
Source: Synaura Executive Team Page

Dan Matauch  
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Co-Fpunder and Director of Branding
naura is not an ordinary company. It is unique in every aspect from its name to its revolutionary products. Formulas have been perfected with exotic ingredients to create an extraordinary supplement. So the final question was, literally, how do you bottle breath, energy, and vibration? You find someone with experience and passion like Dan Matauch. Dan is the owner of an award-winning design firm in Michigan. Dan’s masterful ability to create exceptional branding, packaging, and design align with the core philosophy of Synaura: The same energy, the same breath. Dan has masterfully built a first class brand to emulate each pristine formula. He has received nearly a dozen of the prestigious “Clear Choice” awards for brand packaging and numerous awards from graphic design and packaging design. His expertise and dedication will ensure that the company’s brand identity is unmistakably Synaura.
Source: Synaura Executive Team Page


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