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Allie T Mallad  
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Founder, Chairman and CEO
As Founder, Chairman and CEO, Allie T. Mallad holds safe the vision that wowgreen can free the world of toxic chemicals, one household at a time. A former Entrepreneur of the Year award winner, Allie made his name as the world’s largest Little Caesars franchisee with revenues reaching over $100 million per year with over 2,000 employees. He leveraged his success to become owner of 10 national franchises, such as Applebees, Baskin Robbins, Jiffy Lube, and more, and was voted a Top 50 franchisee in 1998. Allie’s business acumen led him to Network Marketing where in just 6 months he became the largest Metabolife distributor in the United States. As a true motivator of people, Allie T. Mallad is a leader ready to direct wowgreen International to the top of today’s green revolution. With 25 years of business experience at the top, associations with industry leaders, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion that goes far beyond the norm, Allie will help guide wowgreen to a brighter, greener future.
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Rick Birndorf  
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Chief Operating Officer
As Chief Operating Officer, Rick Birndorf helps ensure that wowgreen runs as efficiently as possible. His thirty plus years of executive experience has been spent improving operations, optimizing processes and streamlining multi-million dollar companies, like Little Caesars Pizza, Blue Line Food Equipment and Graphics, and The Food Source. Rick’s expertise includes both purchasing and selling—a rare combination—and he has at times in his career managed upwards of 500 employees. His vast distribution knowledge and experience has been key in developing a sustainable and green way for wowgreen to deliver its products and its promise.
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Dave Deal  
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Chief Financial Officer
As Chief Financial Officer, Dave Deal keeps a watchful eye on the wowgreen bottom line. In his thirty plus years as an executive, Dave worked as the CFO and President of Little Caesars Pizza—a billion dollar restaurant chain—as well as helped launch The Food Source, a distribution and procurement consulting company. He joined wowgreen after recognizing the tremendous positive change enzyme cleaners can have on the environment.
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Owen Stern  
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Senior Executive VP of Operations
As Senior Executive Vice President of Operations, Owen Stern helps bring a global perspective to wowgreen. Bringing nearly thirty years of executive experience to the team, Owen found success when he launched My Favorite Muffin specialty baking chain, as well as when he worked in International Operations for various US companies, like The Coffee Beanery and Enzyme Consultants, working in China, United Arab Emirates and more. Owen’s global experience is perfect for bringing wowgreen’s vision to the world.
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