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Lindsey Duncan  
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CEO and Chairman
Dr. Lindsey Duncan began his healing journey over 25 years ago, following serious health struggles that began at a young age. He began by studying with a legendary detoxification expert in California and soon certified in healing modalities and techniques, later completing dual degrees in Nutrition and Naturopathy. In 1985, he opened the Home Nutrition Clinic in Santa Monica, CA where his clients included radiation victims of Chernobyl as well as many music, film and television celebrities and political figures.

Dr. Lindsey later established 4Health, Inc. through which he distributed many of the herbal and nutritional formulas he had developed. When 4Health went public, it possessed a market cap of over $370 million and was a hot commodity on the NASDAQ.

Through his years of nutritional research, development, and commercial success, Dr. Lindsey received many prestigious honors such as gold medals in the Vity Awards, nomination as a finalist in the national Entrepreneur of the Year program in 1996, and was praised for creating one of the fastest growing nutritional companies in the world.

Dr. Lindsey is excited about the creation of Genesis PURE™ and the chance this presents to offer tremendous health and financial opportunities to the world.

Source: Genesis Pure Management Team Page

Daren Hogge  
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During his 22 years in the network marketing industry, Daren Hogge has built a reputation as a dynamic leader with the ability to turn vision into reality. He began his career in the industry as a financial consultant to one of the founding companies in the network marketing industry. It wasn't long before the head of that company invited him to join the executive team as Director of International Finance and soon went on to become President. Under his leadership, the company opened many new markets and increased its success in those that were already established. The company experienced record growth each year and the distributor force more than tripled.

After several years, Daren became CEO of another international network marketing company which had been acquired by his company. Under his supervision, sales skyrocketed from approximately $3 million to $83 million per year.

Most recently, Daren applied his multifaceted experience to establish GoYin, a company founded on the time-honored principles of traditional Asian medicine. As a Founder and President of the successful network marketing company, Daren was able to move the company into rapid growth and create a culture of giving and camaraderie. When the GoYin Founders were presented with the prospect of merging, Daren jumped at the chance to partner with Dr. Lindsey and Genesis PURE was born.

Source: Genesis Pure Management Team Page

James Porter  
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Chief Information Officer
James Porter has been working between Asia and the US for the past 20 years, much of that in the direct sales industry. He is fluent in Mandarin. After earning an International MBA from the University of South Carolina, James was offered a position with a direct sales company that would attain a billion dollars in sales and surpass the top direct sales company at that time in Taiwan.

Rising quickly through the ranks, James was selected as assistant general manager of the company's Taiwan operations. His responsibilities included oversight of legal, distribution, and distributor support. He managed a staff of over 150 individuals through out Taiwan. After returning from Taiwan, James directed staff and systems throughout all of Asia, including setting up and implementing operations of 100 brick and mortar stores in China for his previous company. Later, he applied his extensive experience to become a founder and CIO of GoYin which marketed a blend of juices and herbs based on Traditional Asian Medicine. He continues to build and lead with Genesis PURE.

Source: Genesis Pure Management Team Page

Rick Redford  
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Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Rick Redford has held positions in the health and wellness and direct selling industry for more than fifteen years, during which time he refined his ability and expertise to create relationships, develop strategies and build success.

Rick is intimately familiar with all aspects of the nutritional products industry, is experienced in developing business plans and leadership training programs, and has played an integral role in driving international expansion into many global markets, particularly in the U.S., Canada, and the Pacific Rim. His international experience continued through a previous position with a network marketing company where he served as General Manager for the U.S., Canada and South Korea.

In his role as Vice President of Sales, Rick will manage all aspects of sales and relationship building as we expand our Independent Business Owner base and introduce others to our unique product line.

Redford studied Business Management at Brigham Young University and the University of Utah. He has also studied nutrition with the Clayton College of Natural Healing.

His impressive background, versatile abilities and enthusiasm for the industry make Rick a perfect fit for Genesis PURE

Source: Genesis Pure Management Team Page

Tim Hough  
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Vice President of International
Tim Hough has over 15 years of international experience as a senior executive in sales, marketing, and business operations, and has worked with enterprises ranging from Fortune 500 industry leaders to visionary start-up companies. Before joining Genesis, Tim was the General Manger of Japanese Operations for one of the largest European electronics companies. Under his direction, the company significantly increased distribution and market penetration, and successfully introduced trend-setting products into the marketplace. Previously, Tim was Marketing Director for Dell Asia Pacific. He led seven distinct teams that comprised over 50 individuals throughout the Asia Pacific region. Under his guidance, Dell captured the largest share of the Japan market and generated over $2.5 billion dollars in sales. Tim has a proven track record of success and adds immediate value and improvement to business processes and enterprise infrastructure, no matter how diverse. He is fluent in Japanese and holds an MBA from Vanderbilt University and an undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University.
Source: Genesis Pure Management Team Page

Reggie Rappley  
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Director of Finance
Six years of experience in network marketing companies have taught Reggie how to successfully manage all accounting and financial aspects of a company, both domestically and internationally. He graduated with two Bachelor's Degrees, Accounting and Information Systems, from the University of Utah and completed a Master's of Science in Professional Accounting. He is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Utah, and Member of the AICPA and of the UACPA. He has implemented accounting programs that have realized savings of thousands of dollars and he continues to structure and manage expanding company sales. Throughout his years, Reggie has been central to opening many international markets and has established the financial aspects for those markets. He is a fantastic asset to Genesis PURE and is prepared for the rapid growth ahead.
Source: Genesis Pure Management Team Page

JinHee Woo  
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Senior Director of Network Development
JinHee joins us directly from Korea and has quickly taken hold of the Korean market and sales. She brings with her extensive experience, generated from over 12 years in the network marketing industry. JinHee received a Bachelor’s of Art in Political Science and Diplomacy from Sookmyung Women’s University in Seoul and a Master of the Business Administration in Marketing from Sogang University, also in Seoul. She heads up the Korean division of Genesis PURE™ and all our IBOs are excited to have her on board.
Source: Genesis Pure Management Team Page

Brittani Lambert  
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Director of Communications
Brittani Lambert directs the Genesis PURE communications division. She also oversees events and the call center. Brittani has played an integral part in the development of this company. She has been involved in the network marketing business for 10 years and brings her continued knowledge and insight to Genesis PURE. Her experience includes distributor relations, marketing, quality assurance, and information technology. Previously, she managed a staff of 70 and has proven that she has what it takes to be a great leader.

Brittani understands the importance of corporate to field communications and the role it plays in a success network marketing business. She helped develop and launch a corporate website and blog, as well as a digital and printed magazine. She loves finding different avenues of communication and being a small piece of what may help each individual IBO find success

Source: Genesis Pure Management Team Page

Paula Christensen  
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Senior Manager of Operations
With a valuable background in manufacturing, client relations, and in the financial industry, Paula Christensen fits right into her role as Senior Manager of Operations at Genesis PURE™. She has used her experience to establish an effective operations program, direct product development and design, maintain the highest quality assurance, and ensure that the IBOs receive their product in the quickest, cheapest and most effective way possible. It is her personal goal to ensure the efficient delivery of Genesis PURE™ products to the people of the world.
Source: Genesis Pure Management Team Page

Misty Martinez  
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Manager of IBO Success
a. Misty Martinez has a driven personality, a keen eye for details and intense determination for Genesis PURE's IBOs to succeed. This passion has put her in a position in which her skills will be utilized to their fullest potential. Misty is dedicated to the IBO Success Program, providing Genesis PURE Independent Business Owners support at each stage of their individual and organizational development.
Source: Genesis Pure Management Team Page


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