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Ron Dawson  
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President / CEO
Ron Dawson is the President, CEO, and co-owner of EcoFresh® Industries, Inc. Mr. Dawson has been a long time advocate for environmentally friendly pest control methods and has considerable knowledge and experience with chemicals and pesticides. He is nationally known in the pest control industry with friends and customers throughout the world.

As a pioneer and leader in organic and environmentally friendly products and chemicals Mr. Dawson has over 30 years experience in creating multi-million dollar companies that sell and distribute products. He has achieved recognition from “Google commercials” for generating over 1,000,000 hits to his Internet web sites. He has appeared on numerous TV news broadcasts, commercials, and radio talk shows, and been recognized as one of the top Internet sales organizations by PCT Magazine.

Spectrum Corporation has also recognized Ron as a top seller of its popular and eco-friendly “Terminate” termite control products while serving as their national spokesperson. In addition, he has appeared on Michael Holligan’s “Your New Home” TV show. His knowledge, experience and drive have helped to create EcoFresh® and over the next few years his leadership and sales abilities will, inevitably, lead EcoFresh® to unprecedented growth and market presence.

Source: EcoFresh Executive Leadership Page

MIchael W Brandt  
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Michael Brandt is a visionary and the creator of the “EcoFresh®” and “EcoSafe®” trademark as well as the co-owner of EcoFresh®, along with Ron Dawson.

Mr. Brandt is a native of Dallas, Texas and a Board Certified Entomologist who graduated in the top ten percent of his class at Oklahoma State University. He is a member of Pi Chi Omega and Phi Kappa Phi fraternities.

Mr. Brandt’s interest in the field of entomology was generated by his families’ interest. His Uncle, Otto Orkin, in 1901, had a vision of his own. Uncle Otto wanted to offer rat control via door-to-door sales. His family eventually founded Orkin Exterminating Company. The company was sold in 1962 to Rollins.

Mr. Brandt has founded several companies over the 45 years of his business life, including EcoSafe® of Dallas, Pest Products, Inc, MWB Enterprises and Maximum Mobility. His companies have all generated millions of dollars in sales and are all active and thriving companies.

In 1972 Mr. Brandt started the "Eco-Movement", along with others in his field. He wanted to help the world through Eco-friendly household services and products that he sold via his EcoSafe® of Dallas. He is the developer and holder of several inventions and patents in addition to the trademarks.

As a cancer survivor himself and having lost both his parents and his sister to this disease he is devoted to educating the public about the effects of toxic chemicals on health. He is devoted to educating the public about the toxic chemicals that are present in so many of our household cleaning products in use everywhere everyday. He chooses to live in only a “green” environment at work and at home and insists on involving himself with businesses with environmentally friendly core values.

Source: EcoFresh Executive Leadership Page

Donnie Allen  
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Chief Financial Officer
Donnie Allen is the Chief Financial Officer of EcoFresh® Industries, Inc. Mr. Allen received a BBA in Accounting from Texas Tech University and is a Certified Public Accountant. He serves as a member of the AICPA and is also a member of the Dallas and Texas chapters of Certified Public Accountants.

Mr. Allen has over twenty years of experience in financial operations, management and accounting in the distribution, internet retail and service industries. He has helped build several successful companies, including Maximum Mobility, a company he founded along with Michael Brandt. He also performed consulting and accounting duties for a popular internet retailer with upwards of $200 million in sales per year. Furthermore, Mr. Allen played an integral role in a significant equity/financing acquisition for this company.

Since 1995, Mr. Allen has been part of the EcoSafe® and EcoFresh® families. Mr. Allen runs the operations of EcoSafe® Pest Control, Maximum Mobility and MPI Industries.

Source: EcoFresh Executive Leadership Page

Shawn Dawson  
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Media Development Manager
Shawn Dawson is the Media/Web Developer of EcoFresh® and supervises administrative operations as well as back-office development for Independent Consultants. He has over 10 years of experience in web and graphics design as well as 8 years experience in sales and service in the Pest Control industry. After growing up with asthma during younger years, Shawn understands the importance of eliminating harsh household chemicals and replacing them with safer alternatives. Because of this, he has a passion to help people live healthier lifestyles by educating the world about alternative household products.

In 2010, Shawn received a BBA in Financial Consulting and a BA in Geology from Southern Methodist University. He has participated in several university events related to green technologies, resource preservation and earth sciences. In addition to being creative at work, Shawn also enjoys being a musician/singer/songwriter with over 15 years of guitar experience.

Source: EcoFresh Executive Leadership Page

Sean McCoy  
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Media Development Manager
ean McCoy is the Media/Video Developer of EcoFresh®. Beginning as a freelance graphic designer, Sean now has over five years of experience in multi-media production and management. In 2008 he produced and directed his first full-length feature film and in 2009 produced two seasons of an online sketch comedy show. He has produced shorts, documentaries and music videos and continues to develop feature film productions.
Source: EcoFresh Executive Leadership Page


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