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Terrell Samuels  
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Terrell Samuels is the CEO of HUZO, which he co‐founded in 2009. HUZO is Entertainment 3.0™ where entertainment and social media converge in a single source for all content such as movies, games, ebooks and music. Samuels is responsible for setting the overall direction and strategy for the Company. He leads the celebrity relationships and has 15 years of leadership experience, a strong background in business development, marketing, finance and administration.
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Steven Azizi  
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Chief Operating Officer
Omid Azizi is Chief Operating Officer at HUZO. He oversees the firm's business operations including sales, marketing, business development, public policy and communications. Azizi has 13 years of marketing and advertising experience in corporate America. Previous experience with the following companies; as marketing director; HLC Company as Training and Marketing Director; VP of Sales and Marketing for Dastmalchi Advertising. After leaving Dastmalchi Advertising in 2006 Azizi co‐founded Creative Linx, Inc. With 6 years of Web development and internet marketing strategy experience, Omid Azizi is one of the fastest growing names in the Internet world.
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Mike Rou  
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Chief Technology Officer
Mike Rou is the Chief Technology Officer at HUZO, where he oversees infrastructure and internal technology systems. Prior to HUZO, he become co‐founder and technical brains of Creative Linx, Inc. Rou has 15 years of expertise of starting and expanding businesses with international presence oriented around small and local businesses. He has experience with the following companies: Independent Pet Supply, as Marketing Director; Creative Development helping to expand them from 1 to 40 offices worldwide; founder of Pet Choice, import/export pet supply business.
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Adam Bierman  
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Marketing Director
Adam Bierman is the Marketing Director of HUZO. Bierman is responsible for HUZO’s marketing and advertising activities, and he leads product marketing for HUZO’s Platform and monetization initiatives. Bierman joined HUZO in 2010 and is also the President and Founder of Modman Enterprises. He is a serial entrepreneur who contributes strong marketing wherewithal to his ventures. While at USC, he founded TPSM, a sports agency representing professional baseball players. The agency grew to represent over 40 professional athletes in 4 years time. He was then involved with the founding of All In Enterprises, a company that monetized poker brands, personalities, events and eventually online gaming sites. Currently, Bierman is the acting president of Modman Enterprises, a marketing consulting firm that boasts a diverse client base.
Source: HUZO Press PDF


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