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J. R. Jackson  
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Meet the Founder: J.R. Jackson

I'm a professional network marketer and have been for over 18-years. Unlike a lot of the so-called "gurus" out there I actually walk-the-walk.

I made my first million in this industry at 27 and have went on to make several million and recruit over 100,000 people in various companies.

My #1 goal with is to help you become a better recruiter for your main company. I struggled for nearly 4-years in this industry because I listened to various upline leaders who only told me to "give it time" and "make a larger names list" etc.

I know the only way to make more money and become a top recruiter in this industry is to put more people in front of your presentation about your business or products/services. will help you achieve this through our trainings and our unique lead program.

Here are just a few of Mr. Jackson's accomplishments:

Launched an MLM company in 1996 which went on to be only the 33rd company in the World in this industry to last 5+ years!

Created the first self-replicated web system for my downline in 1996 - NOW EVERYONE USES THIS TECHNOLOGY!

Built a team of over 5,000 people in a legal services company. With that company I set the all time recruiting record and reached the coveted level of Platinum Executive Director!

Recruited 750+ people within 6-weeks in a nutritional company!

Recruited 900+ people in a telecommunications company in months!

Recruited 1,300+ people in a travel company in 4-1/2 months!

Recruited nearly 40,000 people in 4-years in a health and wellness company!

Recruited over 10,000 people in 32-Countries - although I do not speak any foreign languages!

Built a team of over 30,000 people in 12-months in a nutritional company.

Was recently interviewed by the CEO of a $400+ Million Health and Wellness company after only 2-1/2 weeks becoming the #1 recruiter in the company.

Source: My Lead Company Leadership Page


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