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Glen Jensen  
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Founder, President and CEO
Glen Jensen is a 22-year veteran of the Direct Sales Industry, with humble roots beginning as a customer service representative while he was attending college. He believes that experience, and his subsequent climb up the network marketing ladder, was crucial to prepare him for what he is about to do. He believes the Direct Sales industry has the ability to change and influence the lives of all that it touches. His goal is to bring success to millions around the world, but to do this he knew he would need to develop a process that would redefine the entire industry. Glen has developed revolutionary operations and processes that allow quick and effective market expansion and support around the globe. Glen has always believed in a “Better way”. He continues to challenge the status quo and continues to look for ways to help others accomplish their dreams. He believes that we should not limit our beliefs or dreams and that often the unreachable is just around the corner.
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Dan Taggart  
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Co-Founder, COO
Dan Taggart has founded and managed a number of successful businesses over the past two decades, from his first company, Infobases, Inc., an electronic publishing company that made the Inc. 500 list in 1996, to Ancestry, Inc., which the largest genealogy company in the world today, for which he received the coveted Earnst & Young Utah Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Dan has a broad range of management experience, having served in a variety of senior management positions over the course of his entrepreneurial career, including President/CEO, VP Marketing, VP Business Development, VP Sales, and VP Product Development.

Dan is an entrepreneur by nature and enjoys the creative process of forming and building a new business, especially during the first two years where so much of the value is created.

Dan graduated with honors from Brigham Young University in 1989 with a B.A. in International Relations. He and his wife Michelle have eight children, and currently reside in Highland, Utah.

Source: Uprize Executive Team Page

Troy Kearl  
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Co-Founder, VP Marketing
Troy Kearl brings nearly two decades of networking and technical expertise to Uprize. He has served as Vice President of Japan Operations for a large MLM company where he was in charge of training and recruiting all of the field leadership.

Troy also provides tremendous technical expertise to Uprize, including advanced social networking systems and next-generation website designs. In the 1990’s, Troy served as Vice President of Research and Development for Avalon Digital Marketing Systems, the largest rich-media e-mail advertising company in the world.

In 1992, Troy founded Uniq Studios, Inc., a new media advertising, design, and marketing firm. Under his direction, Uniq was awarded Apple's "Multimedia Showcase Award" for its innovative use of multimedia.

Prior to a focus on technology, Troy was a Japanese translator. He attended the University of Utah and has a minor in Japanese.

Source: Uprize Executive Team Page

Gary Hasson  
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Co-Founder, General Manager North America
Gary Hasson is no stranger to the world of network marketing. After graduating from Brigham Young University, he joined the industry "as a distributor" in 1990 while working for software giant Novell. He had met several leaders in the network marketing profession who were making more money in a month, than he was making in a year. After researching several hundred companies, he jumped in and never looked back.

Gary is recognized internationally as a proven leader and is one of the most sought after industry trainers. He has helped many others accomplish their goals & dreams by following a simple system.

He has served on the board of the Distributor Rights Association and several company leadership advisory boards during his 22 years in the business.

Gary’s strength is teaching others how to build this business while maintaining balance in your life. He lives in Lindon, UT with his wife Melissa and their six children.

Source: Uprize Executive Team Page

Jeff Wilson  
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Co-Founder, VP Curriculum Distribution
Jeff comes to us with a unique professional background that makes him ideally suited for Uprize. He spent over eleven years as a senior VP of marketing and sales with a fortune 500 company before starting his own manufacturing company specializing in valves and instrumentation for the aerospace and petrochemical industries. After ten years he sold out his interest in that company and was introduced to network marketing. Since 2001 he has traveled all over the world training, recruiting and building an organization in his previous company.

Jeff knows the ins and outs of this business from the member side and will combine that knowledge with his corporate experience to teach and train our members.

Jeff and his wife Diane have been married for 32 years and have 5 children and 5 grandchildren. He likes to spend his free time with his family golfing, fly fishing and skiing.

Source: Uprize Executive Team Page

Darrell Anderson  
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Co-Founder, VP Curriculum Distribution
Uprize is excited and anxious to have Darrell apply his 15+ years as a Corporate Trainer, Professional Speaker and Large Team Motivator. Darrell has personally trained and educated hundreds of thousands of people over the years, which has repeatedly taken him to every US state and almost every continent.

It’s rare to find an individual who possess the ability to easily connect with people while educating both the industry experienced individuals as well as those just beginning in the currencies market. Darrell’s success is credited largely to this unique ability as well as his love and passion to assist people in improving their lives.

There could not be a better fit for Darrell and Uprize! Darrell has the support of his beautiful wife and three children allowing him to fully commit to joining Uprize’s much needed movement in bringing the world a solution for personal empowered wealth.

Source: Uprize Executive Team Page

Lori Harrell  
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Co-Founder, VP Curriculum Distribution
Lorie comes to Uprize with 17 years of MLM experience starting her career with Prepaid Legal Services, Inc. and very quickly moving into management as a Regional Vice President, where she was responsible for training individuals and teams to create real long term success in their business. She is also no stranger to “start ups” as one of the original group of people to launch one of the largest and fastest growing network marketing companies in history.

Lorie's mixture of excitement, fun, logical and sequential delivery from the stage, as well as her ability to communicate so effectively over the phone, and internet training make her a huge contributor to our success at Uprize. Lorie is strong, savvy, fun, a mom, a talented business woman, knows our industry and brings all of that to you.

Source: Uprize Executive Team Page

Gloria Jensen  
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Co-Founder, Global Recognition
Gloria Jensen comes to Uprize with over two decades of experience working in the direct sales industry. She has worked almost every position possible including helping to launch one of the largest and fastest growing network marketing companies.

She is the mother of five grown married children, and grandma to 23 grandchildren. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, and also traveling this beautiful earth we live on.

Source: Uprize Executive Team Page


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