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Jerry Kramer  
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Jerry Kramer, Nutrition For Life’s Chairman, is a professional American football legend most noted for his success as a former lineman on the championship Green Bay Packers football team. He played in two Super Bowls, was voted to the Pro-Bowl three times, is a five-time All-Pro and five-time All-National Football League Lineman. Jerry has channeled his winning drive into equally impressive business accomplishments. Jerry’s high profile and name recognition have attracted professional athletes from all over the world to Nutrition For Life and its unique product line. His goal is to make Nutrition For Life the greatest, most dynamic company in the network marketing industry.
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John Neubauer  
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John Neubauer is Chief Executive Officer of Nutrition For Life International. John has an extensive network marketing background, having held the position of Director of Domestic and Worldwide Operations for Herbalife International; Chief Operating Officer and Acting Chief Financial Officer of Cell Tech Industries; and Senior Vice President of Starlight International. Mr. Neubauer has consulted to numerous network marketing companies and Fortune 500 companies in domestic and foreign markets.
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Brent Hudson  
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Chief Financial Officer
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John Holchin  
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VP of Marketing
John Holchin has nearly 17 years experience in consumer product marketing and development for the domestic and international markets. With over 8 years devoted to network marketing, John has developed a keen understanding of the role products play in a dynamic organization. He has helped thousands of distributors around the world build, motivate and maintain their downlines using the proper product mix to support opportunity presentations as well as product movement. John is a regular speaker at various direct marketing industry functions including the DMA and DMDNY. He has authored several articles on direct marketing, product positioning and client retention.
Source: Nutrition for Life Corporate Profiles


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