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Troy A Sanford  
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Vice President of Field Operations
Dr. Troy Sanford makes listening to a health talk show fun and interesting. Personal health issues are among the most important topics people face everyday. Dr. Sanford provides a qualified, fresh and understandable perspective on a vast array of health topics.

Six years of post graduate study in natural health has lead him to convey a unique understanding of health and nutrition. Graduating with honors, he has the formal training and experience to empower others with a straightforward message of health and wellness.

Dr. Sanford shares his knowledge of health and nutrition through numerous speaking engagements across North America. He motivates and empowers his audiences with dynamic yet easy to understand explanations of health topics. His specialty is in personal nutrient and metabolic testing to determine individual nutrient needs.

Source: Goldshield Elite Meet the Staff Pages

Harry W Hersey III  
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A leader in the natural health industry, Harry W. Hersey III currently serves as an Operating Board Director and President of Goldshield Elite. His outstanding qualities make his lectures an inspiration for all. He is eager to share his knowledge and experience in dealing with health related issues and the direct selling industry.

Harry W. Hersey III is a BA Honors Graduate of the University of Florida, joining the Goldshield team in July 2000 when his family business, Golden Pride International, was acquired. Beginning in 1992, he managed Golden Pride and served as President and CEO for the past five years. In his previous corporate engagement, Mr. Hersey established a successful track record of award winning personal sales, marketing and recruiting accomplishments. He is a Certified Nutritionist and a well-respected public speaker, and currently serves as the youngest member of the Board of Directors for the United States Direct Selling Association.

Source: Goldshield Elite Meet the Staff Pages

Harry W Hersey  
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Operating Director
Harry W. Hersey has been involved in direct selling since 1970. Prior to founding Golden Pride, Inc., a direct sales nutritional supplement company, in 1983, he was president and co- founder of American International Laboratories.

In 1989, Mr. Hersey purchased the W.T. Rawleigh Company in the U.S. and Canada and formed Golden Pride/Rawleigh, Inc. The Golden Pride and Rawleigh companies became part of Goldshield Group plc, a UK-based company, in 2000. Mr. Hersey presides as Operating Director and Director of Worldwide MLM Operations for Goldshield Group plc. He is a past chairman of the DSA Education Foundation, has served on the DSA and DSEF Boards, and recently served as Chairman of the Board of the DSA of the United States. Currently, Mr. Hersey is a member of the CEO Council of the World Federation DSA. Mr. Hersey holds a B.S. from Southwestern University and is also a Certified Nutritionist.

Source: Goldshield Elite Meet the Staff Pages


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