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Don De Los Rios  
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Director of Operations
Don has over twelve years in the network marketing industry. He has been involved in the field as a networking representative and has also held several positions in management. As a representative, he has built organizations as large as 35,000 individuals. He attributes this success to teaching and helping others to succeed. Don is a professional producer and developer of interactive multimedia, digital video, CDROM, AV presentations, TV commercials, and Web designs. He has developed state-of-the-art digital AV presentations both for corporate events as well as for use as tools in the field by the representative sales force. His talents took him to new heights when commissioned by a startup dot com company to contribute to the development of their self-building web-site project. Don worked hand in hand with the programmers to develop one of the most user-friendly web-site-building software products ever delivered. Don was responsible for the creation and delivery of the company’s online digital user manual and customer service and support training program.

Since XtremeHealth Formulas' inception, Don has been integral in the company’s development. From the creation of product design to the development of Flash presentations and more, his talents are evident. The overall operation of the company has been his primary responsibility since its beginnings and remains as we continue to grow. His broad base of business experience and technical savvy make Don a vital asset to the XtremeHealth Formulas corporate team.

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Keith James Struxness  
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Keith was born on December 10, 1959 at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. He was raised in a fiercely competitive environment with his four brothers. His father was the youngest to reach the rank of Chief Master Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. Today, Keith resides in southern California with his wife Terri of 24 years, and their three children, Amy, 19, Ashley, 16, and Aaron, 13.

Keith began trading real estate at age 21, and by age 25 he had an impressive portfolio. He also owned other businesses, one of which had a contract with the federal government. He was a top earner and area leader for a network marketing company in the late 1980's, accomplishing this while also being employed full time.

Having always been an athlete and very active, Keith was frustrated to see his weight gradually climb to over 240 lbs. In 1991, he discovered an ephedra-based product that helped him lose weight. With this product, he was able to bring his weight down as well as sustain the high energy level he needed to keep up his busy schedule. However, after his personal physician warned him about the serious health risks associated with ephedra, he began the search for an ephedra-free product that would give him the same results. This proved to be a difficult task. After trying more than 30 of the largest nationally known ephedra-free products on the market that promised results and finding that none of them lived up to those promises, Keith became determined to be the first to develop and market a product that actually worked. He saw a great opportunity, anticipating the need that literally millions of people who were regular ephedra users would have with their products eventually being removed from shelves. In his pursuit, he met a manufacturer who had also anticipated the coming need for a non-ephedra product that truly worked. This manufacturer had developed a product that he claimed would in fact be effective in suppressing appetite, boosting metabolism, and increasing energy and stamina - all through a non-ephedra, all-natural approach that was safe and effective. Keith tried the formula himself and discovered it actually worked! Together, they have worked to enhance and fine-tune the product to what it is today, Slimline Plus™.

Source: Xtreme Health Formulas About Us Page

Philip S McAlister  
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With a broad background in marketing, operations, sales, finance and technology, Phil is responsible for overseeing the continued growth and development of XtremeHealth Formulas. He started his management career with Fulton National Bank, Atlanta, Georgia and subsequently was recruited by Chevron Oil where he was responsible for allocation of petroleum products for the transportation, healthcare, industrial and retail markets during the 1970's oil embargo.

He left the oil business for the financial services business and became a partner at Essex Company, an investment banking firm specializing in industrial revenue bond financing. He was involved in multi-million-dollar funding projects for many companies including Abbott Laboratories, Campbell's Soup, Ralston Purina and Weyerhaeuser Corporation.

In 1986 he was named President of Essex Financial Services. After selling the firm to Integrated Resources, Phil and his wife Mary retired to Florida. He was lured from retirement to join Innovative Technologies International as Executive Vice President and COO, later joined Technology Research Corporation as head of the Consumer Products Division and in 2000 moved to California as President of BigCo-op, Inc. In 2003 Phil returned to Florida for what he thought was retirement, but the XtremeHealth opportunity was too exceptional to ignore so he has returned to California to join our team.

Source: Xtreme Health Formulas About Us Page

David Hull  
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National Training Director
David has been in the sales and marketing arena most of his life. He owned a construction company when he discovered network marketing over eight years ago. He quickly became one of the top earners in his first networking experience and saw the very real need and importance of training in the industry. He, along with a doctor partner of his, wrote the MLM training series, "Power Principles for Successful Network Marketing". David has been National Training Director, Vice President and CEO of different network marketing companies in the past and with that vast experience is quite qualified to be XtremeHealth Formulas' National Training Director. His excitement and joy of teaching people, and just having fun, make the XtremeHealth Formulas events memorable.
Source: Xtreme Health Formulas About Us Page


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