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Bernardo Chua  
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President Gano Excel North America
With a desire to learn and expand his horizon, Mr. Chua has taken his business acumen to high levels. He worked with Professor Leow Soon Seng, the Founder of Gano Excel™ Malaysia, to open Gano Excel™ Philippines with only a few distributors. After 3 years, Mr. Chua was instrumental in expanding Gano Excel™ to Hong Kong, Canada and now the United States. Mr. Chua’s successes include being awarded the Asia-Pacific Excellence Award in 2003 for Outstanding MLM Company. It is through his kindness, progressive thinking and principles of nurturing a long-term relationship with people that has made Mr. Chua not only a businessman, but a gentleman.
Source: Gano North America Exec Page

Joven Cabasag  
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Executive Vice President North America
The quiet, yet effective approach of Joven has enabled him to build organizations totaling 350,000 members, consistently being in the Top 5 in sales & qualifying him in many companies “Millionaire Circles.” He is the creator of the Executive Success Pack, Ruby-Builder and Diamond-Builders Pak Programs. Not only has it already taken the company to it’s highest levels to date, but now he has also introduced the new “Straight from the Heart” program to take Gano Excel™ to the next level. Joven’s experience includes managing the global distribution of 2 international companies in the electronics and consumables industries. With 11 years in the network marketing industry, Joven’s business acumen and vision has enabled him to be at the forefront of Gano Excel™ (USA).
Source: Gano Excel USA management page

Rick Aguiluz  
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Vice President of Sales & Marketing USA
Rick brings a wealth of experience over his eight years of network marketing on all levels... sales and marketing, management, import /export, and international sales. Rick has a background of Electronics & Communication Engineering and has attended special studies at the Wharton School, USC Entrepreneur Programs and Ateneo Graduate School of Business. He has built organizations of over 25,000 distributors and opened 2 countries in Asia. He has held the positions of National Sales Director, Director of Sales and Director of International Sales with 4 NASDAQ publicly-traded network marketing companies, as well as consulting several MLM companies. Being the architect of the Weekly Fast Start Bonus, the Founders and Associate Founders programs and the new Product Packages, Rick has helped the company achieve its phenomenol sales performance to date. With Rick’s leadership of the Sales and Distributor Team, Gano Excel™ is poised spread health and wealth not only to North America, but to other countries as well.
Source: Gano Excel USA management page

David Moses  
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Director of Sales & Marketing - Canada
David Moses, a 15 year veteran in Network Marketing brings dynamic leadership to Gano Excel™. Implementing potent marketing systems that are simple to duplicate has made David Moses the top producer in several companies with organizations exceeding one hundred thousand members in several countries. David works directly with the leaders of Gano Excel building marketing systems that help members drive enrolment and create rapid dulication. David brings a solid track record of winning corporate expierience to Gano Excel™, and continues to be instrumental in stream-lining the company operations at Gano Excel Canada. Both a dynamic speaker and trainer, David has a unique ability to bring out the best in others.
Source: Gano Excel Management Page

William Tompkins  
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Director of Operations
Maintaining high levels of Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction is Willy’s goal for the Gano Excel Team. In fact, his experience in doing this is quite extensive with Chrysler, Mitsubishi and Mazda, bringing their Customer Service to the highest levels at the locations he managed and winning awards for his guidance. As a manager for the past 24 years, Willy’s “just do it” attitude in business operations has helped dealerships achieve high levels of performance. In addition, Willy also has experience in financing and representing businesses to banks as well as banks to businesses, allowing him the unique perspective of seeing both sides of an issue. This Commissioned Kentucky Colonel is looking forward to building the Gano Excel team to achieve it’s best.
Source: Gano Excel Management Page

Leow Soon Seng  
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Founder, Chairman of the Board
Call him a visionary, the man behind the mushroom. Mr. Leow founded Gano Excel in 1995 and has been the driving force of our mission "Bringing Health and Wealth to Every Family." As a research scientist in Mycology (the branch of botany that deals with fungi), Mr. Leow first became interested in orchid plantations and the medicinal properties of various mushroom (fungi) species in Malaysia in 1983. Twelve years and several studies later, Mr. Leow founded Gano Excel as a way to promote the healthy qualities of the Ganoderma Lucidum or Red Mushroom. This quiet, unassuming professor has built Gano Excel from a small farm in Malaysia to one of the most formidable network marketing companies in the world. It is his unique qualities and commitment of vision that will secure Gano Excel as the solid company it is now and in the future.
Source: Gano Excel Executive Bio Page


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