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Al Krauza  
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In the past 10 years, Al Krauza was hailed by many as one of the most successful and dynamic marketing executives in the direct sales industry. As a multi million dollar earner with numerous sales organizations, he brings AdCalls an experience that's unmatched in our fast growing industry. Mr. Krauza states "From the very inception of AdCalls, we were charged with the responsibility of developing and implementing a marketing strategy that could encompass the rapid growth we envisioned for the US and International markets of online coupons distribution. The unique AdCalls Advertising products which offers any advertiser a cost-effective and zero-risk internet marketing solution has captured the imagination and enthusiasm of all who have taken the opportunity to experience it; from fortune 500 national companies to the local merchant in your own neighborhood. Our introduction to the U.S. direct coupons market is becoming a huge success and growing everyday.
Source: MyAdCalls Corporate Overview PDF

Peter James Ferras  
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With extensive experience in high-tech software and online marketing, Jim Ferras serves as CEO of AdCalls Inc. He is charged with overseeing product development, long-term strategic direction and the overall vision of the digital marketing solutions of the company. As founder and chief architect of AdCalls / Adsavers, the company has grown from two people in a small office to a global corporation with over 1.5 million viewers, 800+ advertisers and 1000+ marketing sales affiliates in 35 states. As a founder and CEO of a $120 million dollar publicly traded company in 98-99 in the high-tech software and online marketing, Jim brings AdCalls a wealth of experience and hands-on knowledge to make AdCalls a huge global success. Mr. Ferras states "as we launch AdCalls, everyone who was presented with our unique marketing concept quickly realizes that we are the only cutting-edge, Internet advertising company bringing together the effectiveness and appeal of coupon advertising and the power of the Internet, creating the ultimate one-on-one marketing tool. With our revolutionary "Patent Pending" products and professional management team, the world is truly our oyster.
Source: Corporate Overview PDF


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