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Shawn Wheeland  
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Founder and CEO
Shawn Wheeland, mentor to thousands and consultant to the Network Marketing industry has decided to build a company that is built from the ground up for World Wide Expansion. After watching his Master Mind team thrown around the industry by companies that never fulfill promises, Shawn had had enough. "I was just tired of seeing good people be thrown to the wayside. I prayed about it, and I decided to create JGO, Inc. Now I can Support, Direct, Coach and Delegate to my team without having to worry about the Corporations "dollar focused" direction.

Along with Shawn's "Master Mind" team, Shawn has created a state-of-the art business building system that anyone can do. "Believe it or not, this business is about duplication of systems and programs, not personality." Shawn says. "JGO is a system, taking away the hype and propoganda and focusing on personal developement and changing people's lives with life-giving products."

"I believe a man's worth is only valuable to the world in direct proportion to his insatiable desire to help others. His wealth will reflect his worth."

Source: JGO Corporate website

Joseph W Turney  
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Joe Turney's personal story has inspired thousands of people from all walks of life. He started his network marketing career with Nu Skin in 1988 and quickly learned the secret to lasting success was ongoing personal development. He is routinely invited to speak at national conferences and live conference calls. His story has been featured in Homebusiness Connection magazine and he has appeared as a guest speaker on several talk radio programs throughout the south east. He was the top money earner with Malibu Naturals before moving on to co-found JGO. With a strong background in IT and software development he has also served as the lead web designer for New Image International and Chief Technical officer for Nu Creations, Inc. His quick problem solving and efficient software designs are highly sought after in the network marketing industry.
Source: JGO Corporate website

Adam F Harris  
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Adam Harris has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Computer Science and is commonly known as the "heart" of any organization because of his extreme enthusiasm for life and never ending committment to helping as many people as possible achieve their dreams. He has received standing ovations from thousands of field representatives for his dedicated "non-stop" work ethics. He has read over 100 personal development books and has became a powerful public speaker. He is the receipient of the Malibu Naturals "Jim Rohn" Eagle award for his outstanding personal development and inspiring attitude.

Adam's drive, determination and work ethics are un-matched in today's market place. He is well known for leading teams of programmers and designers both small and large to extremely high levels of achievement. He has served as the Chief Software designer for Malibu Naturals.

"Become the kind of person that your businsess can not do without. It is the VALUE you bring that will create affluence for you."

Source: JGO Corporate website

Craig Cook  
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Chief Operations Officer
JGO proudly introduces Mr. Craig Cook as our Chief Operations Officer. He has over 30 years experience in manufacturing and supply chain departments. He has served as a Director of Operations, Director of Supply Chain, Plant Manager, Corporate Director of Logistics, Transportation Manager, Private Fleet Supervisor, Traffic Supervisor and Foreman. He graduated from Indiana University with a Bacehlor’s Degree in Business Administration.

JGO could not be more proud to have Craig on our team! His attention to detail combined with his experience ensures the JGO plant operations will run efficient thus allowing more money for the JGO Representatives.

Source: JGO About Us Page

Maria Kim  
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Director of International Asia
JGO proudly introduces Ms. Maria Kim as the Director of International Markets, Asia. Maria has 24 years of Network Marketing experience both as a distributor and as a consultant working with both US companies and Asian teams. She has achieved top position with Metropolitan Insurance, and set up import/export of major electronic brands in Asia. She has also succeeded independently in the real estate field. Maria achieved the direct sales management position in the Cable and Wireless Wholesale Phone business, and owned and operated an exclusive name brand merchandise gift business.

Maria comes to JGO, Inc. with a diverse and very rich background in Sales. She has in-depth Direct Sales and MLM experience in both the US and Asian markets.

Source: JGO About Us Page


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