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Wayne Nugent  
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Wayne Nugent is regarded by many as Network Marketing's single most successful independent representative of travel and travel related services. Without a doubt, he is the most passionate evangelist for Network Marketing as the premier distribution channel of leisure travel.
For more than ten years, Wayne has earned his living exclusively from network marketing. He has earned the top level field position and the distinction of top money earner in four separate companies.
In performing at that level, he has developed organizationsof more than 100,000 representatives spanning 16 different countries.

Prior to beginnin his career in Network Marketing, Mr. Nugent consistently received awards and honors as a top sales performer for companies including Cahners Business Systems, GTE, TCI Cable and Hilliard Auto Group. His years of sales and sales management success exposed Wayne the limits of life in Corporate America and led him to join his first network marketing company
Wayne served 4 1/2 years in the United States Marine Corps, returning to Texas and beginning his sales career in 1992. With a passion for travel and the financial freedom necessary to experience it to the fullest, Wayne has focused his passions on uniquely and creatively combining Network Marketing with leisure travel to create WorldVentures, Inc., a way to make a living...LIVING!

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Mike Azcue  
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Mike received his Bachelors Degree in Business and Finance from the University of North Texas. Immediately following, he pursued a full time career in Direct Marketing in 1995.

Mike became one fo ten National Marketing Directors in Family of Eagles, and achieved the position of Number 2 income earner in his second year. Mike developed and trained a team in excessof 100,000 people in over 14 countries and was responsible for $50 million in sales. In 1999 Mike was chosen to lead the sales and marketing team at Noble Ventures, which was eventually bought by CooleBiz, Inc. In March 2000 Mike became President of operations and grew the company to over 100,000 sales representatives and customers in over 200 countries.

In October 2001 he was chosen to be the U.S. Health Advisors National Marketing Director and consultant prior to the companies launch. He has remained the number one earner for US Health Advisors since the company opened its doors. Mike and his team have also built an agent base in excess of 25,000 for one of the largest Independent Travel Agencies in the Country. Mike has dramatically impacted, in a positive way, the lives of everyone he has worked with in his 10+ years in the industry. He brings an unmatched passion and drive to the team at World Ventures as one of our founders.

Source: WorldVentures Marketing Site Founders Bios Page

Dan Stammen  
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Dan Stammen started his business career over 22 years ago in the direct sales industry. During that period of time, Mr. Stammen built sales teams with various companies totaling over 1.2 million representatives, which in turn generated over 900 million dollars of sales revenue.

He has accomplished this as a Sales Executive/Owner Operator in product lines that vary from Computer Software, Consumer Electronics, Private Television Networks, Legal Benefits Plans and Real Estate Investment. In addition, Mr. Stammen has been priveledged to be in a position to provide his expertise as Master Motivator, Sales/Recruiter Trainer and Personal Development/Lifestyle Coach.

Mr. Stammen's most recent business endeavor was to where he built a sales team which created over 660,000 customers for a New York Stock Exchange listed legal services firm.

He looks forward to bringing his business acumen and leadership ability to World Ventures Inc. as well as helping them develop a very strong retailer base.

Source: WorldVentures Marketing Site Founders Bios Page

Ken Doherty  
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Ken Doherty is widely recognized for his demonstrated excellence in business operations. However, he is equally proficient as a sales executive and leader in both network marketing and traditional business.
Immediately prior to joining WorldVentures, Inc. Ken served two years as the Vice President of Operations for US Health Advisors, one of the fastest growing Network Marketing organizations in the industry. He also earned the level of Presidential Advisor within that company's field organization.
In the area of business operations, Mr. Doherty is perhaps best known for his performance at Efficient Networks, Inc. When Ken joined Efficient, they were effectively a start-up with 45 employees and only $13 Million in annual sales. In only 18 months, Efficient expanded their market to 37 countries (speaking 40 different languages), grew to roughly 650 employees and increased annual sales to more than $1 Billion. It's little wonder that Efficient sold to Siemens for $2.3 Billion in CASH!
Before joining Efficient Networks, Ken was over the manufacturing teams at 3COM Corporation that pioneered wireless networking manufacturing technologies (both 802.11b/WiFi and BlueTooth).
At Dell Computers, Ken was the New Product Operations Manager for the team that started the largest Server Business in the world and was responsible for setting up manufacturing plants around the globe.
Ken began his corporate business career as a Senior Account Manager for Applied Materials, where he generated more than $300 million in annual sales.
As is the case with many of us, Mr. Doherty developed his experience with Network Marketing in parallel with his corporate career. He is a 15 year veteran MLM, having achieved respected levels of performance with at least three internationally known companies.
Ken is a veteran of Desert Storm, having served six years as a Chief Warrant Officer and AH-64A Apache helicopter pilot in the United States Army. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a Bachelors of Science, and he holds the esteemed Project Management Professional (PMP) certification with the Program Management Institute.
Source: WorldVentures Marketing Site Founders Bios Page

Mike Azcue  
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Owner / Co Founder
Mike Azcue is admired throughout the network marketing industry for his proven sales leadership and team building capabilities. Throughout his career, Mike has strove to make a positive impact on the marketing world. Mike graduated from the University of North Texas in 1995 with a bachelor’ s degree in business and an emphasis on finance. He immediately pursued a full-time career in Direct Marketing, joining up with Family of Eagles, where as an independent representative , he developed and trained over 100,000 reps in over 14 countries and was responsible for over $50 million in sales. Mike became a National Marketing Director in his 2nd year with the company. Only 10 other representatives have achieved this position. In 1999, Mike was chosen to lead the sales and marketing team at Noble Ventures, which was eventually acquired by CooleBiz, Inc. In March 2000, Mike became the President of Operations and during his tenure, the company grew to more than 100,000 customers and sales representatives in over 200 countries.

In 2001 Mike was chosen to be the National Marketing Director and consultant for U.S. Health Advisors. He quickly became the number on income-earner and has retained that honor since the company opened its doors. In the year preceding the launch of WorldVentures, Mike and his team built an agent base of more than 25,000 Independent Associates for one of the largest independent travel agencies in the country.

This is an updated WorldVentures executive bio for Mike Azcue, provided on January 16, 2009.
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