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Rick Bailey  
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Rick Bailey,Chairperson of The Right Solution, possesses exceptional entrepreneurial talents. He has the vision to see a business opportunity or extraordinary idea in its completed form and has the leadership skills to lead the way to completion. In 1990, he became a distributor in the multi-level/direct selling business. Over several years of personal involvement he was able to not only understand the business from the perspective of a distributor/team member, but also earned incomes in the excess of 7 digits annually. With his traditional business background and his network marketing experience, he elected to form his own network marketing company because he did not believe that the many network marketing companies then in the industry treated the distributor fairly.Rick started in traditional business as an owner with three employees in 1981. In a short 16-year period in the aviation industry, under his leadership, business grew to over $75 million in sales. He sold his aviation company in December 1997 in order to dedicate 100% of his time to TRS. Rick has a vision that is apparent in the mission statement of TRS which says that TRS will distribute the finest life-enhancing products in the world. Through effective leadership, management, and entrepreneurial marketing, TRS will provide an opportunity to its Team Members, customers and employees to earn a fair profit on their investment of time and money. He firmly believes that people are the greatest asset and sets that image of the company. He has a unique talent for developing a strong team by allowing employees and Team Members to participate in the planning and implementation of his vision. He is an extremely powerful role model to our team members and employees. He is not only committed to winning, but also has the ability to teach others how to excel in their careers and daily lives. Rick serves as a chairperson of our Board of Directors. Rick currently focuses most of his energies on expansion, acquisitions, new product development, corporate image, and financing. He works closely with our marketing, design, and public relations teams to assure consistency.
Source: TRS The Right Solution Company Page

Flo Ternes  
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Flo Ternes, the COO, has 29 years in business with 25 years of management experience. He started a career in the airline industry where he elevated through the work levels and finished his airline career as City Vice President of Continental Airlines Denver Hub. This position had approximately 7,500 employees and a budget of $250 million. He has served on several Boards of Directors and as President of the Chamber of Commerce.
Source: TRS The Right Solution Company Page

Peter Hammer  
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Peter, the President, has over 20 years experience in various corporate positions. His experience includes positions with the U.S. Department of Energy, Citicorp, Baxter Travenol, Inc., Datasphere, and Mannatech, a network marketing company that specializes in nutritional products. He also served as COO for several other network marketing companies and is a highly sought after industry consultant. As Executive Vice President at Mannatech he took the company from approximately ten million in annual sales to one hundred and sixteen million. He also was responsible for opening offices in Australia, Indonesia and Japan.
Source: TRS The Right Solution Company Page


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