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Henrik Risvang  
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Chief Operating Officer
Henrik Risvang says that he came to Talk Fusion with ?the vision of helping people worldwide by improving their quality of life.? Worldwide is a good term to use, especially considering that he speaks seven languages and is a product of the International Business Administration Program at Copenhagen School of Business in Denmark. With nearly 25 years of business operational experience ranging from start-ups to global organizations like IBM, Henrik was rightfully appointed to lead Talk Fusion?s business operations. His resume is riddled with high-ranking positions in the departments of Operations, Marketing, Brand Management, Business Development, and e-Business. His successes also include direct-sales and start-ups with profits realized within the first six months. Henrik?s list of certifications is as long as the list of countries stamped on his passport. As for his recreational love of biking and hiking, this worldly executive justly admits that he has no free time.
Source: Talk Fusion Management page

Bob Reina  
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Founder and President
While many know Bob Reina to have quite a sense of humor, it’s no joke when he says: “In order to be successful, it takes commitment over a period of years, and I mean a lot of them.” Self-discipline helped him remain farsighted in a career that had many bumps as well as forks in the road. Bob juggled several jobs while completing his coursework at the University of South Florida, and he eventually went on to graduate number one in his police academy class. Anyone recognizing his picture might be having a flashback of Bob pulling them over during his patrol days. In response to an entrepreneurial itch, however, Bob began using good old-fashion desire and sweat to make it as a part-time associate in direct selling. His passion for marketing led to boldly giving-up a steady paycheck. Family and friends called him crazy, but he had a clear-cut vision for success. In a recent survey, “Bob’s vision” was actually the reoccurring reason that Talk Fusion’s marketing and technology experts joined his team. He brings insight and dedication to work, and he also brings family pets (like his loyal dog Shadow) to the office each day. Therefore, it is no surprise that much of Bob’s free time goes to actively supporting non-profit groups to help animals.
Source: Talk Fusion Executive Team Page

Jeanne Dickson  
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Vice President of Global Business Operations
Jeanne Dickson’s title might be long, but her list of executive duties is even longer. Perhaps that is because her professional know-how has made her an official go-to woman at Talk Fusion. Surprisingly, her career path did not begin in the direction of global operations. Jeanne earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at the University of South Florida. “Ms. Dickson” taught first and fifth grade for several years. Although before long, she caught the eye of a major Florida University. Her big business talents came to the forefront, and there was no turning back when she was given oversight of a multi-million dollar budget. The combination of Jeanne’s business and teaching experience led her to successes in network marketing. She developed award winning training tools that have been adopted by various companies as a model for domestic and international business training and development. Jeanne’s business savvy and upbeat nature is the perfect addition to the Talk Fusion family.
Source: Talk Fusion Executive Team Page


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