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Henrik Risvang  
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Henrik has more than twenty-five years experience as a business owner, executive and consultant. From his extensive background, he clearly understands how to deliver desirable quality products, achieve exceptional customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and massive growth. Henrik attended The Danish Banking School, Copenhagen Business School and received special executive training at IBM International Business School in Belgium. Five years with Den Danske Bank and ten years with IBM in Europe and the U.S. prepared him well to serve as executive counsel to Fortune 500 companies installing SAP. He built the U.S. division of MAS, which was included in IBM Global Services five years later. Henrik's experience with organizational development and rapid growth enabled him to work as a Consultant and temporary Executive for a number of businesses in Internet, Education, Retail and Service industries. He co-founded Nuvante, a nutritional network marketing company, in 2001. With Henrik as COO, Nuvante experienced very high customer satisfaction and explosive growth. As a result, the company was sold to Youngevity after just two years. Henrik then joined IDSTC, the leading MLM industry technology provider, as Vice President and Member of the Board. Next, as COO of Talk Fusion, Henrik worked with the Founder to take the company from concept to international launch. When Henrik learned about IamVoip, he immediately recognized the tremendous opportunity the products, company vision, imminent growth and sales model presented. With his multi-faceted experience, Henrik is still a sought-after Speaker in the MLM industry. Henrik calls beautiful Miami, Florida home. However, he spends most of his time on the road between the IamVoip Regional Offices and meetings with Customers and Agents nationwide
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Mark Sean Guest  
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Director of Marketing
IamVoip has changed to Vipze.

IamVoip's owner requested that all reference to Mark Guest as an executive be removed from this site.

In light of recent developments, Npros has chosen to accurately reflect that information on Mark Guest's bio history page. Mark Guest is no longer associated with IamVoip in any executive capacity.

If you know the current whereabouts or company association of Mark Guest, please contact us with an update.

Source: IamVoip Marketing Materials and Business Card


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