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Benjamin Baechler  
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Vice Chairman and Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Baechler received his medical training at the University of Minnesota Medical School with a focus on Family Medicine and Community Health. He received his undergraduate degree, with honors, in Immunology and Medical Microbiology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a leading research institution. Dr. Baechler's scientific and academic studies have concentrated in the areas of nutrient delivery systems, antioxidants and angiogenesis - the science of cellular growth and nutrient factors as related to blood vessel development and neoplastic spread. He was a recipient of the Angiogenesis Foundation of America Research Fellowship, has received the Hilldale Foundation Research Fellowship and has participated in several research colloquiums. He served as President of the American Medical Association-MSS and was a member of the Hennepin County Medical Physician Society's Board of Directors. Dr. Baechler was also chosen as part of a special delegation from the University of Minnesota to spend time at the renowned North Hawaii Community Hospital, where progressive, complementary wellness and healing practices are integrated as part of total patient care.

Dr. Baechler is a member of the American Medical Association, the Minnesota Medical Association, and has received certification from the American Nutraceutical Association. He has been an authoring member of teams for a number of various research publications, including "The Chick Embryonic Aortic Arch Assay in Evaluation of Angionesis." He has appeared on the internationally syndicated Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN), as well as The KKMS "Wellness to the World" Radio series and other media outlets across America. He has presented at the world renowned Hippocrates Health Institute and at several research colloquiums. To date, Dr. Baechler has formulated numerous wellness products, including several strategically designed to address the issues of anti-aging, healthy cellular replication and heart health. He volunteers his time and resources with Camp Jornada, Alliance for Orphans and Widows, the Page Foundation, and with various nutrition outreach consultations. Dr. Beachler is a co-owner of Eniva.

Source: Eniva Team Page

Dan Conley  
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Director of Operations
Dan Conley, Eniva's Director of Operations, is responsible for overseeing the Laboratory, Manufacturing and Shipping initiatives at the corporate offices. He maintains the quality, cost and scheduling parameters which affect product manufacturing and fulfillment. He had contributed significantly in the areas of new production techniques, process control methodology and management techniques which have moved the company forward. A graduate of the University of Memphis with a degree in Manufacturing Management Technology, Conley also has an associate degree in Industrial Engineering Technology. Originally from Tennessee, Conley brings more than 20 years of engineering and manufacturing experience to Eniva, with expertise in various pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Before coming to Eniva, Conley played a significant role in major product engineering initiatives for Schering-Plough.
Source: Eniva Team Page

Andrew Baechler  
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Chairman and CEO
As Chairman and CEO of Eniva Corporation, Andrew Baechler is the visionary and leading force behind the company’s success. He has been instrumental in the outstanding acceleration of the organization, positioning Eniva as one of the fastest growing companies in America. Eniva has recently been designated by Inc. Magazine as the 728th fastest growing privately held company in the U.S., as well as the 46th fastest growing company in the category of “Health.” Eniva is also the 4th fastest growing private company in the Minnesota Metro, as reported by Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal.

An alumnus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Baechler has extensive experience as a top performer with a variety of sales distribution organizations. A dynamic motivator and committed leader, he provides a foundation of experience and values-based success for Eniva’s future. Baechler is personally responsible for determining and overseeing strategic initiatives for the organization. He also attends to business development and expansion, including strategic partnerships, company ventures and other alliances that encompass and promote total body health and wellness.

In addition, Baechler directs the company’s “values-based” charitable activities – where significant impact has been made locally, nationally and internationally. He and Eniva have been featured in publications and on television regarding the positive impact made on communities throughout the world. Baechler also regularly speaks to youth groups and school children about “Academics, Values and the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Action.”

Source: Eniva Team Page

Scott R Bocklund  
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Senior Vice President
As Eniva's Senior Vice President, Scott Bocklund is responsible for overseeing finance-related operations of Eniva, including accounting, strategic planning and forecasting, international expansion, information technology, human resources and technology infrastructure. Bocklund has been President and Chief Operating Officer of a $100 million high-technology manufacturing company, Chief Operating Officer and interim CEO of a $60 million contract manufacturing company, President and CEO of a research and development software company and Chief Financial Officer of two start-up ventures. He has the proven ability to lead and grow organizations from multi-million private and public companies to start-up ventures. Bocklund is a leader in the identification and advancement of key performance drivers to maximize profitability and cash flow. Bocklund has superior management skills in mentoring and developing employees while driving the organization forward in a participative and practical management style. He has a BA in Chemistry, an MBA in Finance and is a Certified Public Accountant.
Source: Eniva Team Page

Mary Veloske  
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Director of Sales Development
As Eniva's Strategic Director of Sales Development, Mary Veloske is responsible for exploring new sales opportunities, ongoing sales promotions and alternative channels to market, including strategic partnerships and alliances. She is a direct liaison with the Eniva Sales force, providing them with the tools and resources to support their independent sales efforts. She also oversees the operations of the Distributor Services, Marketing and Information Technology departments. With an education in Information Management and Library Sciences, Veloske was the former vice president of mediawërks, an international marketing communications firm located in southeastern Minnesota. Her twenty year tenure there included facilitating strategic business planning sessions, developing corporate marketing plans, creating sales campaigns, providing leadership and team development training, coordinating public relations efforts and conducting primary and secondary market research. Her clients included Sprint, IBM, Hoescht Celanese, TRW Automotive, Benchmark Electronics, Watkins and Global One, as well institutions of higher education, various medical centers, municipal governments, telecommunications and utilities companies.
Source: Eniva Team Page

Ann Bertsch  
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Marketing Director
Eniva's Marketing Director, Ann Bertsch, leads creative marketing efforts to develop the Eniva strategic initiatives of providing exceptional promotional support for product, education and training programs. Her work experience is derived from a path of twelve years at Medtronic, Inc., the largest biotech medical products corporation in the world marketplace. As an Art Director in the Cardiac Surgery marketing group, she pursued creative avenues bringing leading-edge design solutions to marketing materials for the international sales force, physicians and surgeons. Bertsch has been awarded numerous design awards, including the International In Awe-Awards (Medical Marketing Association) and the national RX Club Awards (New York Art Directors Association.) With degrees in Art and Finance from Winona State University, Bertsch pursues design excellence with her in-house staff of Eniva marketing professionals, working to foster a successful team environment. Ann looks to the future with great excitement as Eniva's corporate identity and master brand strategies are expanded.
Source: Eniva Team Page


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