Adam F Harris

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Adam F Harris, Co-Founder

Adam Harris has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Computer Science and is commonly known as the "heart" of any organization because of his extreme enthusiasm for life and never ending committment to helping as many people as possible achieve their dreams. He has received standing ovations from thousands of field representatives for his dedicated "non-stop" work ethics. He has read over 100 personal development books and has became a powerful public speaker. He is the receipient of the Malibu Naturals "Jim Rohn" Eagle award for his outstanding personal development and inspiring attitude.

Adam's drive, determination and work ethics are un-matched in today's market place. He is well known for leading teams of programmers and designers both small and large to extremely high levels of achievement. He has served as the Chief Software designer for Malibu Naturals.

"Become the kind of person that your businsess can not do without. It is the VALUE you bring that will create affluence for you."

2/28/2005 Source: JGO Corporate website

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