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Asma Ishaq, President

Asma Ishaq, President of Jusuru International, Inc., has a vast background in product development, formulating, and manufacturing of nutritional supplements. Her life-long passion and upbringing in the world of natural health and fitness was realized in her position as Executive Vice President of BioCell Technology, where she implemented unprecedented marketing and branding strategies in the context of nutraceutical ingredients.

In 2009, she co-founded and was appointed President of Jusuru International, a values-driven direct sales nutritional supplement company, whose main focus is providing cutting-edge nutritional products marketed through a sales force of independent business owners. Her expertise in team development and business management, coupled with a keen interest in socially responsible business practices has positioned Jusuru International as a leading company with innovative strategies while maintaining precision in science, leadership, and ethics.

Asma earned her BA in psychology and business administration from the University of California, at Berkeley. She went on to graduate studies at Princeton University, and then completed an MBA with a dual concentration in finance and marketing at Rice University. Prior to forming Jusuru International, Asma held positions at BlackRock, Inc., a leading asset management firm based in New York City, and Give Something Back, a founding B Corporation, devoted to benefiting the community as a byproduct of its own growth as a profit-making company.

Asma and her daughter, Layla, age 11, live in Los Angeles, California.

2/9/2010 Source: Jusuru Corporate Office

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