Bela Berkes

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Seasilver USA
Bela Berkes, Founder and Formulator

Bela is an Educator, Author, Researcher and a Dynamic Award Winning Public Speaker. He has lectured to over one million people worldwide and has appeared on over 700 radio and television talk shows.

For over 30 years Bela has trained Medical Doctors, Chiropractors and Health Practitioners in the art of Holistic Health Care. Bela has formulated numerous Homeopathic Remedies, Herbal Combinations and several Regeneration Programs.

In 1992, Bela formulated his most famous product - Seasilver. Seasilver changed the dietary supplement industry in America forever by introducing whole food liquid nutrition.

Bela and his son, Jason, with their non-stop innovation, created a whole new contemporary business model called Dynamic 3 Marketing. By combining Product Coupons, Niche Market Companies, and a National Advertising Co-Op, then integrating their Power-Pay-Plan and incorporating the exclusive Seasilver User Management System (SUMS), the Dynamic 3 Marketing Business Model has become the standard by which all Business Models are now being judged.

9/6/2008 Source: Seasilver Corporate Exec Page

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