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Equinox International
Bill Gouldd, Founder and CEO

Equinox International was founded in 1992 by Bill Gouldd, a self-made multimillionaire and entrepreneur. After his personal experience with environmental toxic poisoning, he realized that the products we use every day can contribute to either the continuing decay and poisoning of our planet or its healing and rebirth. Combining his phenomenal success and 16 years of experience as a top sales producer and sales trainer with his desire to revolutionize the direct sales industry, he embarked on a quest to provide the world with an alternative to products hazardous to our health and environment. The result: Equinox International - a company experiencing unprecedented growth and success by providing high quality and environmentally friendly products using state-of-the-art technologies and concepts.

Equinox was closed by the FTC. Key terms of the settlement include:
* Dissolution of Las Vegas-based Equinox International Corporation. A court-appointed Receiver will take over the business and close it down. All employees, except officers (including those at the corporate headquarters in Summerlin and a distribution center on W. Cheyenne Avenue), will remain employed for at least two weeks, and may be employed longer, if necessary.
* Consumer restitution fund estimated to be some $30 - 40 million will be established. The Receiver will liquidate all Equinox corporate assets, and various personal assets of Gouldd, in order to fund a claims program for Defendants' victims.
* Equinox founder Bill Gouldd is permanently restrained and enjoined from engaging, participating, or assisting in any multi-level marketing program. He is further banned in Nevada from advertising under the guise of obtaining sales personnel when, in fact, his purpose is to sell goods or services.

10/3/2002 Source: Equinox International Corporate Page

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